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Accounts Payable

Quick, Secure, Efficient

An efficient Accounts Payable (A/P) system helps oversee and control your firm’s cash flow and manage your obligations, with minimal manpower. As part of its Back Office Suite, PerfectLaw® offers A/P as the perfect tool to streamline the payment process from invoice entry to bank reconciliation to help eliminate errors, provide quality reporting, and lower costs. In addition, A/P promotes Paperless Workflow® by imaging and storing vendor invoices for automatic printing with a client matter bill. Finally, All-in-One® synergy guarantees that PerfectLaw® Billing tracks and collects all recoverable client costs.


  • Maintain detailed vendor information
  • Edit and cancel posted invoices
  • Enter distributed check requests from any workstation on the network
  • Quickly and easily print, release, and post single checks or groups of checks
  • Segregate recoverable client costs
  • Select invoices for payment
  • Control trust check processing
  • View up-to-date checking account balances instantly
  • Maintain a complete audit trail
  • Manage recurring invoices and payments
  • Electronically import vendor invoices (optional)


  • Supports Paperless Workflow®
  • Increase cost recovery
  • Prevent duplicate invoice payments
  • Increase efficiency and reduce errors by entering recurring costs only once
  • View an image of the invoice during the data entry phase and store checks to the vendor file