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Trust Accounting

Effectively Handle Trust Accounts

PerfectLaw handles trust transactions with the same look and feel as general receipts and disbursements transactions.

Trust receipts

  • Protects posting of trust transactions only to trust accounts.

Provides for

  • Detail description of transactions to facilitate trust reporting
  • Batch entry and editing prior to posting to insure accuracy
  • Trust expense entry and check printing as in integral part of the system accounting software.
  • Transfers of funds between trust matters within a given client without having to write a transfer check.
  • Automatic check to insure trust disbursements do not exceed trust matter balance.

Reporting by trust account

  • In summary for all matters through a given date for trust detail reconciliation
  • Transaction detail for a date range to assist in trust bank reconciliations

Reporting by trust ledger report

  • For detail reporting of trust account activity by matter within client.
  • Prevents modification of transactions once posted to preserve and protect audit trail