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Attorney Info Manager (AIM®)

Case Management at your Fingertips

Successful firms and attorneys use Attorney Information Manager (AIM®) to manage large case loads and communicate with clients in a timely fashion. This means you can gather, store, organize and retrieve accurate information instantly with AIM®.

AIM® combines powerful, reliable apps with Best Practices to manage many law office items, including:

  • Matters, cases & files
  • Documents
  • Dockets/calendars
  • Contacts
  • Notes
  • Forms
  • Scanning and imaging
  • Time, cost & expense recording

And communications handling tracking logs for:

  • Microsoft Outlook e-mails & attachments
  • Phone dialing
  • Paper mail

AIM® supports two All-in-One® management views. The Matter View contains information that can be shared across the firm while the Attorney View contains information relevant to the specific user. When a user brings up the Matter View, all managed items associated with that matter are loaded for quick and easy access. Similarly, when attorneys open their Attorney View they will have immediate access to all of their managed items.

Managed items are organized by tabs or popup windows for quick access and viewing. Information editing is controlled by assigning user level permissions. Screen content and layouts are customizable and can be easily formatted to accommodate practice areas and firm requirements.

AIM® allows all users to share and have instant access to all case-related information using one database and one product. And attorneys and other users will have instant access to their own managed items through the My Stuff Dashboard.

Product Features

  • All information is stored and organized in the All-in-One® database
  • Full Outlook integration
  • Document Management supports security, searching, versioning, e-mail tracking and content previews
  • Audit logs are available for managed items
  • Knowledge Builder research tool reduces redundancy and duplicate work
  • Supports advanced calendars, group schedulers, reminders and alarms
  • Dashboards and Business Intel promotes better timekeeping and control
  • Supports marketing campaigns


  • Track communication notes via e-mail and phone handlers
  • Manage events and dockets
  • Synchronize appointments, tasks and contacts with Outlook
  • Notify and remind users via popup alarms
  • Full Drag and Drop functionality for documents, e-mails and more
  • Link contacts to matters, notes and other contacts via role relationships
  • Store and index your legal research
  • Advanced searching via the Data Browser Search Tool
  • Preview documents instantly while browsing search results
  • Document Imaging & Paperless Workflow® with e-mail routing and pop-up notification
  • Auto time and expense tracking and recording
  • Easy Document Assembly with Word or Acrobat