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Document Management System

Profile, store and retrieve documents in firm-wide accessible case matters

PerfectLaw® Document Management System (DMS) with Paperless Workflow® differentiates us from our competitors. Our functionality is unparalleled within the industry and greatly enhances our clients’ productivity. Paperless Workflow®, i.e. the creation, storage, search/retrieval and transmission of digital documents, has become an essential component in e-filing with courts and government agencies. Plus, the ability to automate storage, email critical documents, and share knowledge for rapid decision-making not only increases law firm service quality, but reduces costs as well.

While many firms still save documents the old fashioned way (directly to network folders), PerfectLaw® DMS provides far more powerful functionality. Specifically, it profiles, stores, secures, and organizes documents in your local or wide area network so eligible users can easily locate, share, distribute and manage them. DMS also provides the ability to retain multiple versions of a document while tracking its history, including who and when created, changed, viewed and distributed it.

And because DMS is part of other PerfectLaw® modules, there is significant synergy throughout our product line for even more productivity and efficiency. For example, time slips are automatically generated whenever documents are created, profiled, emailed and saved. This not only increases billings, but eliminates the drudgery of entering time slips. Likewise, in the back office, all bills and reports are auto profiled and stored without manual intervention. So, DMS users don’t need to worry about losing bills, invoices or financial documents.


  • Profile and save documents in firm-wide accessible case matters
  • Profile, store, and retrieve document versions
  • Compare and red-line two different documents or versions
  • Maintain audit trail history of document creation and access
  • Assign security permissions which update the Microsoft® Windows® active directory
  • Import and profile files individually or in bulk
  • Drag and drop from Microsoft® Outlook® onto desktop matters to auto profi le/save emails
  • Check-in/check-out documents
  • Link a document to multiple matters
  • Create, forward, and reply to emails from within any PerfectLaw® matter
  • Add time slips to time sheets automatically as you profile, save, or assemble documents
  • Browse and preview any document list instantly without opening
    each document


  • Promote document sharing
  • Eliminate fi ling cabinets and minimize lost documents
  • Improve effi ciency with faster searches from both inside and outside the office
  • Promote better work habits with organized desktops and prioritized work lists