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Matter Intake Workflow

Accelerate and streamline communication and collaboration

Is your case intake process too slow and cumbersome? Does it require excessive manual steps and administrative oversight? If so, now imagine case intake forms that move instantly from a secretary (local or remote) to conflicts to the approving attorney, etc. without any paper handling or the need for sending or receiving e-mail, fax, or snail mail. Imagine being notified by real-time alarms or pop-up eWorklists when a form or report needs your attention then, being able to do approvals with a secure eSignature. Finally, imagine that your administrator has complete control over the process because intake forms and conflict reports can’t be lost and tracking reports show who has what, where, and how long they've had it. With PerfectLaw® Workfl ow, this is now a reality.

In fact, PerfectLaw® Workflow streamlines your new business intake, conflict check, and contact management process, and eliminates bottlenecks by incorporating electronic forms with advanced technology. No more stalled intake resulting from delayed approvals or missing critical information or lost time trying to track down and fix paperwork. PerfectLaw® Workflow tracks every move automatically, and pinpoints stalled work to prevent logjams so the process is streamlined and productivity is maximized.


  • Intake requests are initiated and processed by attorneys or staff through a series of steps until a new matter is created or the request is rejected for conflict of interest
  • After contacts and party data are entered, the request form is submitted to conflicts for checking
  • Conflict reviews the form for completeness and either generates a conflict of interest report, or returns it to the requesting user if incomplete; once the report has been run, it is then attached to the form and saved in the DMS; the intake form is then routed to an attorney for conflict review
  • If the attorney approves the form, relevant information is then added, including instructions for record managers regarding how to create the physical folders and labels, who to send them to, etc.; the form is then submitted to Billing and Records for finalization
  • Once final intake review and approval are done, a new matter is created and new party/contact info are automatically added to the contacts database, and Records Management generates the physical folders requested and, unless exceptions are found during finalization that require additional processing, the form is closed for editing and appropriate notifications are sent to all users
  • Add or update routing sequences, workflow states, and security to control who can work on what workflow phases with what work-lists via the DataBrowser, Screen Painter tools and standard PerfectLaw® technology
  • Create and maintain queries and reports to ensure accountability and enforce security throughout the review and approval processes
  • Save and profile reports in the DMS for quick access and analysis


  • Save time and increase productivity by eliminating manual steps
  • Increase productivity and efficiency with streamlined matter intake, instant notification and faster approval cycles with eSignature and automatic routing
  • Reduce administrative oversight with secure, electronically enforced, consistent policies and procedures that provide total accountability
  • Improved Business Intelligence with advanced tracking, auditing, and reporting methods
  • Reduce errors since all steps are performed by authorized persons with proper supporting documentation in the correct workflow order
  • Easy to learn since it utilizes the familiar PerfectLaw® interface