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All-in-One® Synergy

Are you an Intellectual Property Firm?

With All-in-One® software, technology applications work the same way in all office modules. Technology applications like searching, data browsing, document management, imaging, reporting, data editing, etc., work as a unit, and, equally importantly, work the same way in all applications such as intake, time entry, docketing, billing, collections, accounting, etc. This consistency of operation is an enormous advantage over separated packages for many reasons:

  • Installations are up and running faster and users are better trained because the learning curve is dramatically reduced;
  • Minimal integration: PerfectLaw® software is essentially self-contained, except for integration with Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat which is provided. Therefore, there is no worry about importing and exporting data or integrating with other packages;
  • Lower costs: Installation, training, support, and maintenance are less costly with All-in-One® software.

Synergy benefits can only be achieved with a true All-in-One® suite of products. Some examples of these synergies are:

  • All bills, calendars, reports, images, emails and other documents are saved in the same document management system, and then can easily be found via full text and advanced searching in all applications;
  • Reports from any application can be automatically and instantly distributed to attorneys by posting them to MyStuff dashboards without bogging down Exchange email;
  • Accounts Payable invoices are easily imaged and attached to check requests - even from remote offices - and bills can be emailed to clients with copies of the invoices automatically attached, since imaging technology and Outlook integration are part of all applications;
  • All data – and consequently all real-time statistics for work in process, accounts receivable, billing, and collections by client, matter, attorney, area of law, etc. – are available throughout the system since the All-in-One® database and business intelligence technology is supported in all applications.

More Benefits of Software Synergy

  • Uniform design
    All PerfectLaw® applications are designed and upgraded as a single unit, i.e. all at the same time with a unifying architecture and/or purpose.
  • One vendor
    You need go to only one vendor to satisfy needs and ask questions, and there is no finger pointing among multiple vendors.
  • No double entry
    Data is entered only once, in one place, and is accessible by the entire system.
  • Shorter learning curve
    Users learn only one set of commands and one help system with All-in-One® software. When you learn something in one place, you can apply it everywhere so there is far less learning to be done. The extra time spent learning and the confusion of remembering all the different ways that separate apps work, like case management, document management, and financial management applications is eliminated.
  • No proprietary platform
    All PerfectLaw® applications run on standard Microsoft SQL platforms with Microsoft Office. You can rest assured that our software uses technology that is industry recognized, awarded, and trusted.

PerfectLaw® is the most functional, feature-rich legal software on the market today. Its All-in-One® nature means you enter your data once, and it's instantly available to everyone in every application, subject to security constraints. The complete scope of advantages with the All-in-One® can only be highlighted here. For a demonstration of this comprehensive and versatile suite of products, click here to download a software presentation.