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Firm with Global Perspective Selects PerfectLaw®

Release Date: 1/27/2010

Weiss Serota Helfman Pastoriza Cole & Boniske, P.L., has purchased PerfectLaw® All-in-One® Software for their financial and case management needs. For nearly two decades, the firm has provided the highest quality transactional, governmental affairs and litigation services to local, national and international clients. Known throughout Florida as innovators and leaders in the representation of local government and private businesses, their clients benefit from both their extensive knowledge of specialized substantive subject matters and the individual attention and personal client care they provide.

PerfectLaw® was selected after thorough research and a detailed evaluation of several legal software packages. In the end, PerfectLaw® was selected as the best system to meet their needs and forward-thinking approach to their practice. And with PerfectLaw's Paperless Workflow® imaging technology, the firm will be able to quickly measure improvements in productivity and efficiency while reducing costs.

About Weiss Serota Helfman Pastoriza Cole & Boniske, P.L.
The firm offers clients deep knowledge of the community in the context of an ever-changing international environment. The firm’s litigators’ extensive record of reported court opinions has helped shape the law at the local, state and national levels. Known throughout Florida as innovators and leaders in the representation of local governments and private businesses, the firm has a commitment to the finest principals of traditional legal practice including quality and service while recognizing that there are always new innovative and forward-looking approaches to practice law. It is with this great respect for the traditional and enthusiasm for the innovative that the firm looks forward to providing service to their clients.