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Mawicke & Goisman Selects PerfectLaw® All-in-One® Software

January 2011 – Mawicke & Goisman a Wisconsin law firm has purchased PerfectLaw® All-in-One® software. After the firm's existing financial management system reached its end-of-life, the firm searched for a replacement offering a quality timekeeping, billing, and accounting system. Additionally, the firm sought software to replace their legacy contact management software and they also wanted an All-in-One® system with document management. After exhaustive research, the firm finally chose PerfectLaw because of its comprehensive features and offerings which uniquely satisfied their requirements.

About Mawicke & Goisman
Since opening its doors in 1979, Mawicke & Goisman has become one of Wisconsin's premier law firms, offering outstanding representation and distinguished counsel in various areas of business law including estate planning, complex mergers and acquisitions for multi-national corporations, employment law and more.

About PerfectLaw® Software
PerfectLaw has been the leading legal software for almost 30 years by offering a true 32-bit SQL product and the latest technologies. By combining case, contact, and document management in the Front Office with time and financial management in the Back Office, PerfectLaw's® All-in-One® Software provides law firms with the necessary tools to streamline most law office functions without requiring integration from other products. For more information, please contact our sales department.