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PerfectLaw® All-in-One® software incorporates a number of technology tools to enhance its versatility. These tools allow your firm to maximize the synergistic benefit obtained by using the All-in-One® applications, because together they offer ways to increase your productivity and analyze data that are simply not available with separate applications.

  • Allow timekeepers to be productive while on the road using PerfectLaw's mobile tools
  • Perform advanced searches and obtain sophisticated reports and intelligence to determine profitability by virtually any analysis variable
  • Create and maintain custom practice area management modules

Our Technology

Screen Painter
The PerfectLaw® Screen Painter is a tool that allows users to create custom tables and screens for the input and viewing of case-related data. The screen painter can also incorporate data from other sections of the legal case management software into the custom screens.

Data Browser
The PerfectLaw data browser is a powerful and fast search engine that can be used to search for anything within the PerfectLaw database, including documents, contacts, as well as completed and pending appointments.