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Managed Items
Manage cases, calendars/dockets, contacts, notes, forms, scanning & imaging, time entry, cost, expense reporting and check requests
Document Management
Create, store, search, retrieve and transmit digital documents
Data Browser Search Engine
Run simple or complex search filters without the need to know SQL
Document Assembly
Prepare mail merges, maintain form templates, create custom forms for Word, WordPerfect or Acrobat
Time & Billing
Real-time stopwatch on activities in progress, task-based & electronic billing, client/matter-level billing & more
General Ledger
Multi-segment account numbers, historical reporting, maintain budgets by account
Accounts Payable
Enter distributed check requests from any workstation on the network, print/post single check or groups of checks & more
Check & Invoice Imaging
Scan and store invoices, instantly display, print or email scanned invoices, signed checks & more
Drag & Drop
Drag-and-drop emails from Outlook or any document from any folder for one-step importing and profiling
Assigned security permissions update the document on the Windows network
Scanned Documents/Imaging
Scanned documents can be stored in TIF or PDF format
Full Text Search
Document content indexing provides speedy and powerful full-text searching

What our customers are saying...

What is PerfectLaw? Just that! A software package PERFECT for a law firm. It's a unique system for law offices, and nothing presently in the marketplace compares.
- Chris V., Chicago, IL

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Case Studies

Prior to making the change to PerfectLaw®, RC&O faced difficulties getting the support needed from their software vendor, thereby establishing a critical benchmark for RC&O in measuring the longevity of future software vendor relations.