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The Lion's Den Podcast by PerfectLaw Software invites legal industry professionals to relay their personal experiences with PerfectLaw. You'll hear from attorneys, office administrators, billing staff, and partners who are all in various stages of the PerfectLaw lifecycle: having just gone live, having used the software for a few years, or having been with us for decades. Whether you're considering PerfectLaw as your legal software solution or you're just curious to hear your contemporaries' experiences, The Lion's Den Podcast by PerfectLaw is sure to satisfy.

Episode #1 - Choosing Your Future Software Provider

Why Chambless, Higdon, Richardson, Katz and Griggs, LLP of Macon, GA chose PerfectLaw as its next-generation financial and practice management software. Jason Lewis, ESQ discusses his firm’s installation and transition experiences and the productivity and efficiency improvements achieved thus far.

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Episode #2 - Meeting Expectations

Dave Nelson, a Chambless & Higdon, LLC partner discusses his experience as a new PerfectLaw user and how the software meets his expectations.

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Episode #3 - PerfectLaw User Groups

The office administrator at Donohue Brown Mathewson & Smyth, LLC, Suzanne Florez, talks about the growth of PerfectLaw user groups in her home of Chicago and throughout the state of Illinois. She also shares the advice she gives to law firms in other parts of the country who are looking to start their own PerfectLaw user groups, including what the user groups do when they meet.

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Episode #4 - Two Firms, Same Decision

Gerald DeMaria II, Firm Administrator for Duffy & Sweeney talks about making the decision to implement PerfectLaw® at two different law firms. Everyone dreads the idea of change and having the complication of a conversion. In this episode, you'll hear why Jerry DeMaria decided PerfectLaw was still his choice the second time around.

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Episode #5 - Working with Our Clients to Improve DMS (Part 1)

Valerie Williams of Pender & Coward spent time talking with Anthony Beasley about her law firm's experience using the new PerfectLaw® DMS product. Val also talked about her experience working with the development team in the DMS project.

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Episode #6 - A Long Road Ending in the Cloud (Part 2)

Valerie Williams of Pender & Coward spent time talking about her transition to PerfectLaw® from their time and billing system. She also briefly discussed their transition to the PerfectLaw® Cloud.

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Episode #7 - Being Great Business Partners

Phillip Sanders discusses how a 119 year old law firm found a product that brought their firm together in a way it never was -- having a single database software that all practice areas use -- plus having a relationship with PerfectLaw that ties us together for many years to come.

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Episode #8 - New Hire, Great Start

Marcelino took over as the Business Manager for Kozloff Stoudt in September of 2020 and PerfectLaw made his transition a great experience. With little business experience and very little law firm experience, he has learned the software and has made several enhancing workflow improvements at the firm.

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Episode #9 - A Conversion To Remember

Roger talks about his experience converting to PerfectLaw, as well as highlighting the efficiency and accuracy of the conversion. Roger also gives us a 2-year report on the firm's experience and a peek into the future of using our product.

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