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Episode #7 - Being Great Business Partners

Phillip Sanders discusses how a 119 year old law firm found a product that brought their firm together in a way it never was -- having a single database software that all practice areas use -- plus having a relationship with PerfectLaw that ties us together for many years to come.

Full Transcript

00:00:03 Anthony Beasley

OK, good morning everybody. This is Anthony Beasley again with the Perfect Law podcast and today we're going to be talking to the Co of MVP law in Missouri. Mr Phillip Sanders now just to give you a little backdrop on the relationship with Phillip, is that.

00:00:23 Anthony Beasley

Some years ago, many years ago, so phone call that I made to Phillip and he was looking at one of our competitors and was talking about making a transition.

00:00:32 Anthony Beasley

And at the time he had some things in mind of what he wanted to firm to be doing.

00:00:36 Anthony Beasley

Moving forward, so that turned into what has been gotta be going on close to 10 years now as a relationship as a business partner.

00:00:43 Anthony Beasley

So what I'd like to do is just kind of let you guys hear from Phil standpoint of you know what it's like to be a business partner with perfect law when it comes to.

00:00:52 Anthony Beasley

Perfect providing your form.

00:00:53 Anthony Beasley

With a firm management solution, especially for firm, the size of a firm like Mcenany, so Phil.

00:01:00 Anthony Beasley

With that said, we'd love to hear from you.

00:01:03 Phillip Sanders

Thanks Anthony. So yeah, we're Midwest law firm, presently 65 attorneys and but were spread out across the Midwest across 8 offices and so the geographical spread was a challenge. But really the beginning of our relationship is we were a fragmented firm with regard to.

00:01:08 Phillip Sanders

Thank you.

00:01:23 Phillip Sanders

You know, and it solution.

00:01:25 Phillip Sanders

We had practice groups using different tool.

00:01:28 Phillip Sanders

Rules and so the desire was defined in all in one solution, so that we get everybody on the same page.

00:01:35 Phillip Sanders

An as we looked around, there just was not that many solutions, and the solutions that we found were were not good.

00:01:45 Phillip Sanders

As I said, the attorneys for years were just in this.

00:01:49 Phillip Sanders

They could never agree, and that's when I say fragmentation is the attorneys would never agree on a single solution which made.

00:01:56 Phillip Sanders

You know supporting solutions very difficult, so we were introduced to perfect law and sat down and and had the owners attorneys engaged, went through the demo, an light bulb went off, particularly with the attorneys is that this is going to work. And I mean for the first time. I mean we're 100.

00:02:19 Phillip Sanders

19 year Old Firm and I can honestly say that the first time in 119 years all the attorneys agree is that this is the solution. Is that this it was. It was nimble enough. The base, the base was strong enough, the foundation of of Perfect Law solution was strong enough that it met everyone's needs. But then, on top of that is there was the ability to create.

00:02:42 Phillip Sanders

Solutions for the different practice areas that they were confident moving forward, and so you know, we jumped in, converted.

00:02:50 Phillip Sanders

You know, we've been.

00:02:52 Phillip Sanders

No, I'm with several other solutions and I can honestly say this is.

00:02:59 Phillip Sanders

This has been really.

00:03:00 Phillip Sanders

It's been a really great solution for us.

00:03:04 Phillip Sanders

You know, I'm not as a matter fact, I just I'm always checking in with ownership and said how is perfectly doing for you.

00:03:04 Anthony Beasley


00:03:09 Phillip Sanders

And they're like, actually it's great.

00:03:12 Phillip Sanders

So I mean, it's just, you know it.

00:03:13 Phillip Sanders

It has really met our needs really.

00:03:18 Phillip Sanders

And then we can get into anything.

00:03:20 Phillip Sanders

But you know, now it's it's.

00:03:22 Phillip Sanders

It's exceeding our expectations just because of the ability for us to.

00:03:26 Phillip Sanders

To move forward and advance some of our new needs as we you know, grow.

00:03:32 Anthony Beasley

OK, now I know over time you know that's that's the neat thing.

00:03:37 Anthony Beasley

And being in this position, you talk to a lot of different people.

00:03:39 Anthony Beasley

I get to hear a lot of problems that people are having with the current vendor or their reasons for leaving.

00:03:44 Anthony Beasley

And you know you had a focus of finding an all in one solution, which sometimes that's not really.

00:03:52 Anthony Beasley

You know someone's focused, they come in, they they think it's the Sky and the pie in the Sky dream.

00:03:57 Anthony Beasley

An and they just kind of bump into it, but you had a focus.

00:04:01 Anthony Beasley

I remember very clearly it was it was a.

00:04:03 Anthony Beasley

It was a December that year and you were, you know you were in a phase of finalize or at least doing some testing with another vendor and all the things that happened in overtime when you looked at perfect while you said hey, you know, I think we might have something here, but of course people don't think about the business relationship on it.

00:04:18 Anthony Beasley

So what do you think you know from your?

00:04:20 Anthony Beasley

Experience has made us a little bit different.

00:04:22 Anthony Beasley

Yeah, over the time we've known each other.

00:04:24 Phillip Sanders

Well, as I said the solution.

00:04:26 Phillip Sanders

The solution was exceptional.

00:04:27 Phillip Sanders

You know, it just really was and and but for us so you know.

00:04:32 Phillip Sanders

Well I mean.

00:04:33 Phillip Sanders

For us our.

00:04:34 Phillip Sanders

Culture and our business like we are in the relationship business and so we are incredibly.

00:04:44 Phillip Sanders

Very close knit and we are face to face people with their clients.

00:04:48 Phillip Sanders

We go to see them.

00:04:49 Phillip Sanders

I mean everything is based on relationships and you know quite frankly to be successful in this business.

00:04:55 Phillip Sanders

That's in my opinion, that's what you have to have.

00:04:58 Phillip Sanders

Well so for me to be in charge of the operations of the firm, we extend that into our vendors.

00:05:04 Phillip Sanders

And really look at them just like we do our clients as partners in the business and the relationship and so.

00:05:11 Phillip Sanders

So part of the selection of perfect Glow had a lot to do with the connection that we made just with regard to similar cultures.

00:05:21 Phillip Sanders

The way we view relationships, everything else and so you know, for me, you know the again, the product absolutely excellent behind that.

00:05:31 Phillip Sanders

And the reason for success is the relationship with the people.

00:05:34 Phillip Sanders

Very much, you know, like we're having this conversation today and and our ability, my ability to reach out to people within perfect law owners and and talk about.

00:05:46 Phillip Sanders

What we're envisioning and what we need, and in in the positive response that we get, you know all of that and and the focus on mutual success and the fact that I mean, you know, we just we just like you guys, 'cause you're just good folks.

00:06:04 Phillip Sanders


00:06:04 Phillip Sanders

You know, I mean, I mean, it's, and that's.

00:06:06 Phillip Sanders

And let's not forget about is.

00:06:08 Phillip Sanders


00:06:09 Phillip Sanders

Can we have a little bit of fun, you know, can we actually think about you, know the moon and and talk about it, and in which we've, you know I've had those conversations and some have ended up in projects and some of not.

00:06:11 Phillip Sanders


00:06:21 Phillip Sanders

But, you know, is good people good business and have a little bit of fun too?

00:06:28 Anthony Beasley

Great, now I know you have had some conversations here recently in in, you know, a lot of people know that the initial stuff that goes on with perfect law.

00:06:37 Anthony Beasley

We kinda.

00:06:39 Anthony Beasley

You kind of get overwhelmed if your firm that doesn't really have a good idea of where you want to go.

00:06:45 Anthony Beasley

I will admit, you know, in my time here there are certain firms that always stand out about where they are, and I know Mac and it's been one of those terms that has always stood out because you always seem to be a little ahead of people.

00:06:56 Anthony Beasley

As far as the software is concerned and using it.

00:06:59 Anthony Beasley

The things you want to do now we're going to be doing some special things in moving forward.

00:07:05 Anthony Beasley

I think you know.

00:07:06 Anthony Beasley

I can talk about them and I think those things you know coming from the vendors great and people would love to hear about it.

00:07:12 Anthony Beasley

But just to give people a little bit inside, 'cause obviously you know we're going to have not just our clients, but also potential clients that will be looking into this podcast and wanted to hear what people have to say.

00:07:22 Anthony Beasley

But you know what I'd like for you to do is just talk a little bit about your ability to work with us and provide us input and some of the things that we have talked about.

00:07:30 Anthony Beasley

You know, is we look forward in the future.

00:07:31 Anthony Beasley

Here, because we do believe that as far as the industry is concerned, when you look at the changes that are going on.

00:07:38 Anthony Beasley

We are a very unique company in the sense that when you first became a client, we were owned by a small group of people and now we are an employee owned company which we think is going to be a huge advantage for us in the future as we start to face more and more, these corporate companies that are just buying up the smaller companies so just give us, you know a little bit of your insight into what you see in the future, especially with some of the things that we've asked you to be involved in.

00:07:56 Anthony Beasley


00:08:03 Phillip Sanders

Well, I mean in that is that is a huge component of in the strength of our relationship too.

00:08:06 Phillip Sanders


00:08:11 Phillip Sanders

Is that mutual desire for growth and development sustainability?

00:08:16 Phillip Sanders

We we have been with with several other solutions in the past.

00:08:23 Phillip Sanders

I'm I'm supposed to mention those or not, but but you know, I mean what we found and what we found.

00:08:30 Phillip Sanders

I'm sure others have two is you find something that is is pretty good and typically it's going to be, well, a lot like our law firm where you know Midwest homegrown.

00:08:41 Phillip Sanders

You know, just good people doing good.

00:08:43 Phillip Sanders

Work and and those are the.

00:08:45 Phillip Sanders

Typically the the companies that get gobbled up by the bigs, either because you know they they agree that solution is great or you know my opinion.

00:08:56 Phillip Sanders

They buy him to get him out of.

00:08:57 Phillip Sanders

The way and.

00:09:00 Phillip Sanders

You know that that and it up to this point.

00:09:03 Phillip Sanders

That's that's a curd with just about every.

00:09:05 Phillip Sanders

Solution we've sought after you know, I mean.

00:09:08 Phillip Sanders

And and so.

00:09:10 Phillip Sanders

That ability to deal with a company that is is all about their solution.

00:09:16 Phillip Sanders

The company themselves and so that for me that's a huge component with perfect law.

00:09:21 Phillip Sanders

Is is the fact that it's employee owned and it's all about creating solutions.

00:09:26 Phillip Sanders

But moving forward though is you know those solutions that?

00:09:31 Phillip Sanders

Now, with mobility and everything else.

00:09:35 Phillip Sanders

In creating, you know we've talked about user groups and creating solutions amongst all of the you know, the business intelligence that we have within the perfect law family.

00:09:47 Phillip Sanders

Uh huh.

00:09:47 Phillip Sanders


00:09:48 Phillip Sanders

That's huge for us to be dialoguing about that, because it's our business is changing right in front of our eyes, and so the ability to take you know perfect loss solution and then create that in you know.

00:09:57 Phillip Sanders


00:10:05 Phillip Sanders

In a mobile platform.

00:10:08 Phillip Sanders

You know that's been.

00:10:09 Phillip Sanders

It's been a game changer for us.

00:10:11 Phillip Sanders

And now as you guys are building your solutions moving forward, it's we're pretty excited about it.

00:10:16 Phillip Sanders

I mean, there's there's.

00:10:16 Phillip Sanders


00:10:17 Phillip Sanders

There's a lot of great things coming down the Pike and and we have a lot of good ideas too.

00:10:23 Phillip Sanders

And and so you know, with that.

00:10:23 Anthony Beasley


00:10:26 Phillip Sanders

And that's again back to the relation.

00:10:28 Phillip Sanders

Chip is we really are confident that if we think we have a good idea, we present that to you all and you go.

00:10:34 Phillip Sanders

That's pretty cool.

00:10:35 Phillip Sanders

You know we should talk about that.

00:10:36 Anthony Beasley


00:10:37 Phillip Sanders

That is, you're not going to get that with the what I'll call the bigs, right?

00:10:43 Phillip Sanders

You know, I mean, actually is you're spending your day trying to figure out who to talk to?

00:10:48 Phillip Sanders

Correct, you can't get past sales team and I I'm talking to P.

00:10:52 Phillip Sanders

So that the only company in our programming and an really are the foundation of of perfect solution.

00:11:01 Phillip Sanders

So I mean, when you're having a conversation about what's possible, you really talking about what's possible an for us, that's very exciting.

00:11:10 Phillip Sanders

Very exciting.

00:11:11 Anthony Beasley

Great, well I feel I do appreciate you and I appreciate you giving us some time.

00:11:16 Anthony Beasley

I mean I know for a lot of people who want to hear you know it's great for us to say things and it's great to give somebody your name on a list.

00:11:26 Anthony Beasley

But when they get to actually hear your direct comments, it makes a huge difference.

00:11:30 Anthony Beasley

We are in the process of creating a more of a sharing environment, not just with potential clients, but our clients themselves.

00:11:36 Anthony Beasley

So you know, I know that there's some things that you have directly done that people may not realize that the growth of the software has been your fingerprints on it quietly behind the scenes, and we appreciate that.

00:11:46 Anthony Beasley

And we look forward to more and more of that in the near future, so.

00:11:49 Anthony Beasley

With that said, I'm going to conclude today's podcast and we will definitely look forward to working with you and hearing more from you in the future.

00:11:58 Phillip Sanders

As always, a pleasure.

00:11:59 Phillip Sanders

Thank you.