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Help Desk Services

Help Desk n. 1. Responsive, highly knowledgeable support veterans are ready to respond to your service request regardless of whether submitted via phone, email or over the Web.

Our team of senior engineers are responsible for ensuring support consistency and continuity. These engineers are ultimately responsible for all your service requests. There is someone from the Help Desk ready to help during extended working hours.

Webinars, such as software demonstrations, and special interest group workshops are conducted on an ongoing basis. We also offer Video based Computer Aided Instruction (CAI) is directly accessible via the web from your workstation.

Are You an Existing Customer?

If you are an existing PerfectLaw customer, you have access to a comprehensive knowledgebase that answers most of the questions you may have about our software. Our newly re-designed Service Portal features:

  • Service Request System
    Submit and monitor all Help Desk service requests.
  • Product Documentation and Videos
    Explore sales literature, how-to guides, video demos and training videos.
  • Virtual Classroom
    Our Virtual Classroom model allows you to learn the details of our products on your own schedule.
  • Newsletter
    Stay updated on new product features and updates for all our PerfecLaw applications.

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