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Check Requests

Enter Distributed Check Requests from any Workstation on your network

PerfectLaw® Accounts Payable allows you to streamline payable activities with flexible invoice and check processing that automatically posts advanced costs to client ledgers where appropriate, provides powerful vendor account tracking and reporting including 1099 information, and gives you real-time information on your checking account activity and balances.


  • Maintain detailed vendor information
  • Edit and cancel posted invoices
  • Enter distributed check requests from any workstation on the
  • Quickly and easily print, release, and post single checks or groups
    of checks
  • Segregate recoverable client costs
  • Select invoices for payment
  • Control trust check processing
  • View up-to-date checking account balances instantly
  • Maintain a complete audit trail
  • Manage recurring invoices and payments
  • Electronically import vendor invoices


  • Supports Paperless Workflow®
  • Increase cost recovery
  • Prevent duplicate invoice payments
  • Increase efficiency and reduce errors by entering recurring costs only once
  • View an image of the invoice during the data entry phase and store checks to the vendor file