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Episode #17 - An IP/Patent Trademark Firm & A Successful Cloud Launch

Ned McMahon shares his experiences with the launch of a new IP firm and their approach taken by working with PerfectLaw’s Patent Trademark product launched at Azure. Also, Stephen Oles, the CEO of 5370 Technology Solutions, which is Ned’s IT consulting company, shares his experience regarding their approach to the launch, as well as his appreciation for the PerfectLaw cloud solution.

Full Transcript

00:00:00 Anthony Beasley

OK, good morning everybody.

00:00:02 Anthony Beasley

This is Anthony Beasley with perfect law software.

00:00:04 Anthony Beasley

The Lions Den podcast.

00:00:06 Anthony Beasley

We're here today to do something a little bit different.

00:00:10 Anthony Beasley

I know we've had several podcasts where we talked to different people in different roles at the firm, and today we have with us Ned McMahon, who is one of the partners.

00:00:20 Anthony Beasley

At Rosario net, what's the other partner name?

00:00:23 Anthony Beasley

I know you're the the final partner.

00:00:25 Ned McMahon

So we got the Charles Ovejero, Terry McAllister and myself so Ruggiero, Macau.

00:00:29 Ned McMahon

Mr McMahon

00:00:30 Anthony Beasley

OK, OK net is one is the managing partner that worked with Ned through his decision implementation and we're still in the process of completing some things but very knowledgeable person.

00:00:41 Anthony Beasley

He's using probably the most complicated complex software that perfect law produces, which is our Patent and Trademark software that does a lot of things that.

00:00:51 Anthony Beasley

A lot of firms aren't even aware of possible, but we have him. We also have Steven Knowles who is the owner of 5370 who is the technology company the consulting company that's working with Ned that worked through the implementation?

00:01:05 Anthony Beasley

And the nice thing is, of course Ned is the next perfect values are coming from a firm that use perfect law working in the cloud and wanted to bring that concept and and do that at the new firm and having the right person to help him implement that.

00:01:20 Anthony Beasley

That can understand his vision but also work with perfect law to make sure that he's successful.

00:01:25 Anthony Beasley

So what I'd like to do is just have Ned give us a little bit of background and give us his thoughts on things as to where you know how they got to, where they are and where things are now.

00:01:34 Anthony Beasley

So with that said, Ned feel free to start speaking whenever.

00:01:38 Ned McMahon

Like great thanks, thanks Anthony.

00:01:41 Ned McMahon

Thanks Steve for having us here today so.

00:01:43 Ned McMahon

Thank you as Anthony was mentioning.

00:01:47 Ned McMahon

Uhm, my firm?

00:01:49 Ned McMahon

Regina McAllister McMahon.

00:01:50 Ned McMahon

We're coming from a prior firm that's going through contours of relationships with law firms.

00:01:56 Ned McMahon

And you know that prior firm used perfect law and.

00:02:01 Ned McMahon

We basically in our new firm have the opportunity to start over, but with more information, and so it's it's given us the ability to do some things with with perfect law that.

00:02:14 Ned McMahon

Had we known when we started the first time with the prior firm, we probably would have gone in these directions.

00:02:19 Ned McMahon

But, you know, sometimes you just don't know and want one of the things that we have learned.

00:02:32 Ned McMahon

Ask Anthony and his team.

00:02:35 Ned McMahon

Is how do you?

00:02:35 Anthony Beasley


00:02:36 Ned McMahon

How do your other?

00:02:37 Ned McMahon

Clients handle this.

00:02:40 Ned McMahon

They they have a wealth of experience of how different law firms have done things and how they implement.

00:02:47 Ned McMahon

What my prior firm tried to do was.

00:02:50 Ned McMahon

Uh, get perfect law to.

00:02:52 Ned McMahon

Change their software to do things.

00:02:55 Ned McMahon

The way we always did them and it.

00:02:57 Ned McMahon

Was sort of a square peg.

00:02:59 Ned McMahon

Neat round whole situation.

00:03:02 Ned McMahon

Perfect Law was able to do it and make the whole square for us but it didn't leverage all of the features and.

00:03:10 Ned McMahon

And opportunities that that were available from the software what what, what we learned, what I learned going through that process with the prior firm was to.

00:03:20 Ned McMahon

Just ask.

00:03:21 Ned McMahon

What what shape is the whole and how do I get there?

00:03:24 Ned McMahon

How do your other clients do this?

00:03:26 Ned McMahon

How do you recommend we do this?

00:03:28 Ned McMahon

And and I, I think there's muscle memory in the world, of of lawyers where we're conservative people a lot of times, and we want to do things the way we always did them, right?

00:03:39 Ned McMahon

We want to wear our Thai.

00:03:40 Ned McMahon

We want to come to the suit.

00:03:41 Ned McMahon

We want or come to the office.

00:03:43 Ned McMahon

We want to have mahogany conference rooms.

00:03:45 Ned McMahon

We want those things 'cause we're young.

00:03:47 Ned McMahon

Umm, and the best advice I have in these implementations is ask, ask your experts.

00:03:54 Ned McMahon

Ask your vendors you know how do your other clients do this.

00:03:57 Ned McMahon

And and as we grew in the prior firm.

00:04:00 Ned McMahon

Uh, there were some things that were difficult to do after the transition.

00:04:04 Ned McMahon

You know there's a lot of data in the system, and if you're going to make a change in how you're handling that data, there's a lot of hard work that sometimes has to go in.

00:04:14 Ned McMahon

To change it.

00:04:14 Ned McMahon

Whereas in this this new opportunity we had to start over with.

00:04:18 Ned McMahon

With this more information we were able to get.

00:04:22 Ned McMahon

Perfect lot to help us transition the data into the database on our new system.

00:04:29 Ned McMahon

In a way.

00:04:29 Ned McMahon

That took care of a lot of those issues.

00:04:33 Ned McMahon

So again, starting over with more information was invaluable to us, and you know, working with Anthony and his team to, you know.

00:04:42 Ned McMahon

Help us can contort.

00:04:45 Ned McMahon

Our square peg into a round peg to fit their software has given us a lot of advantages.

00:04:52 Ned McMahon

At at A at a 30,000 foot view, we're a completely cloud based organization. You know we we started a new firm and and our lease wasn't ready yet. You know we got stuck in the whole COVID

00:05:05 Ned McMahon

Mishmash of construction and and walls and those kinds of things where we we couldn't get.

00:05:10 Ned McMahon

Into our office space.

00:05:12 Ned McMahon

And we very quickly had to pivot from from a thought process of where we were.

00:05:16 Ned McMahon

Going to have.

00:05:17 Ned McMahon

A you know?

00:05:18 Ned McMahon

A server room on in, in, in our in our office and desktop.

00:05:22 Ned McMahon

Shooters coming back to the office, we very quickly had to pivot to A to a completely cloud based situation, and this is where Steve Olson and 5370 came came to the rescue.

00:05:38 Ned McMahon

From, from an architecture standpoint, our our firm is set-up with virtual machines, so virtual computers on the on the cloud.

00:05:48 Ned McMahon

By doing that, it doesn't matter what what machine our users have at home, whether it's a a Mac or a, you know a 10 year old laptop, it just doesn't matter.

00:05:59 Ned McMahon

They can log into our virtual machine and our virtual machine can process all the things that it needs to process.

00:06:05 Ned McMahon

The organization can maintain, you know security controls.

00:06:09 Ned McMahon

Come by by following that process.

00:06:14 Ned McMahon

We I was somewhat surprised we if you've tried to get cyber insurance.

00:06:20 Ned McMahon

Come through your insurance companies.

00:06:22 Ned McMahon

There's a.

00:06:23 Ned McMahon

There's a long checklist of things that you have to go through in order to be able to qualify for those kinds of riders on your business.

00:06:30 Ned McMahon

Insurance we've been actually able to already qualify for it, and we're we're two months old so so that to me was a a sign that the the work that Steve Steve team did for us was, you know, top notch from a security standpoint, so.

00:06:46 Ned McMahon

Here we are.

00:06:46 Ned McMahon

We have our virtual machine and inside that virtual machine we have.

00:06:51 Ned McMahon

What Anthony and?

00:06:51 Ned McMahon

I have been kind of talking about is.

00:06:53 Ned McMahon

An office in a box.

00:06:55 Ned McMahon

Inside that provisioned virtual machine that that Steve and his team set-up for us, we have our teams phone.

00:07:01 Ned McMahon

So our phone system is in that virtual machine.

00:07:04 Ned McMahon

Everybody has their their phone with them wherever they go, whether it's the app on their telephone or in their virtual machine on their laptop.

00:07:11 Ned McMahon

Inside that virtual machine or all of our Microsoft apps are Adobe.

00:07:15 Ned McMahon

And Steve and his team are controlling that for us.

00:07:19 Ned McMahon

So people aren't loading.

00:07:21 Ned McMahon

Random software up there and and you know when it is needed, we can just contact the team and get it loaded to that virtual machine in a secure manner.

00:07:30 Ned McMahon

Also in that that.

00:07:31 Ned McMahon

Virtual machine then is our perfect law.

00:07:35 Ned McMahon

App and and getting to you know aim and you know the accounting and billing modules went inside of the perfect law environment.

00:07:46 Ned McMahon

Our law firm handles files.

00:07:49 Ned McMahon

We sort of think of perfect law as our paper file.

00:07:54 Ned McMahon

Where we that that's our DOC retention process for, you know, communications and things of that sort to our clients.

00:08:01 Ned McMahon

But once it's been filed in in our world with the US Patent Office, we take that that document that's been filed and we profiled inside of perfect law and it's kind of buttoned up like our our paper file.

00:08:14 Ned McMahon

Again, what would Steve and his team have done for us is inside of that virtual machine?

00:08:20 Ned McMahon

Uh, we have working documents that we need to use and share among our team or paralegals or other attorneys that junior attorneys and senior attorneys.

00:08:28 Ned McMahon

And and inside of our virtual machine we have two ways in which we can share those documents among each other in in a secure manner and share to our clients in a secure manner.

00:08:40 Ned McMahon

The 1st way is through the SharePoint.

00:08:43 Ned McMahon

Which is, uh?

00:08:44 Ned McMahon

Steve, you correct me if I'm wrong, I I think it's a TB of data that's that's in the cloud.

00:08:50 Stephen Oles

Yeah so so.

00:08:51 Stephen Oles

Thank you Ned, I I've been really enjoying listening to you talk about the excitement around the launch of your new firm.

00:08:58 Stephen Oles

I just want to say a couple of points and then we're gonna go back to the SharePoint, but you know you're you're not a small firm so you're not a.

00:09:04 Stephen Oles

Startup your your staff has.

00:09:09 Stephen Oles

Come from a background years and years and years, maybe even decades worth of experience in this practice and.

00:09:17 Stephen Oles

I was absolutely as shocked as you were that within three weeks we had Windows 365 machines spun up with your.

00:09:25 Stephen Oles

Perfect log desktop access in the cloud and that really gave you guys the ability to be agile.

00:09:33 Stephen Oles

And although there were some holdouts as far as believers in the system, I have to say that you never wavered or doubted the integrity of the system.

00:09:45 Stephen Oles

And it's proven to be now going into the second month.

00:09:50 Stephen Oles

Just a rock solid platform.

00:09:52 Stephen Oles

And we are so excited that perfect law has.

00:09:56 Stephen Oles

You know, engaged with 5370 to look at other ways that we can help other firms, whether they're in the IP space or or others, so.

00:10:05 Stephen Oles

With your E5 license, I want to just kind of evangelize on the licensing that you have.

00:10:12 Stephen Oles

So you have the enterprise level E5 Microsoft licensing. We've got the teams phone calling plan, so the PBX is in the cloud.

00:10:22 Stephen Oles

You've got international and domestic Calling Plans for pennies on the dollar.

00:10:26 Stephen Oles

What other providers are are doing?

00:10:29 Stephen Oles

And with that you have.

00:10:32 Stephen Oles

A one terabyte SharePoint plus another 10 gigs per user license and then each user has a one terabyte private.

00:10:41 Stephen Oles

One drive which is also built off SharePoint so.

00:10:44 Stephen Oles

Companywide you take.

00:10:46 Stephen Oles

You know one terabyte time, the number of employees?

00:10:50 Stephen Oles

Plus a SharePoint which is kind of a company wide access. So all told you guys have somewhere over 25 terabytes of cloud storage built into your system.

00:11:01 Stephen Oles

No on premise file systems, no.

00:11:05 Stephen Oles

On premise, Active Directory.

00:11:08 Stephen Oles

And it's just a dream.

00:11:09 Stephen Oles

Come true.

00:11:10 Stephen Oles

So yes, that's.

00:11:12 Stephen Oles

So you you've got 25 terabytes roughly.

00:11:16 Ned McMahon

So to Steve's point, thank you, Steve. Just totally nerded out here, right? So so I'm I'm just.

00:11:21 Ned McMahon

So some of.

00:11:22 Ned McMahon

That stuff is outside my my life.

00:11:23 Stephen Oles

We're both engineers.

00:11:25 Stephen Oles

Remember, we're both.

00:11:27 Ned McMahon

So, so the idea here is, is that.

00:11:29 Ned McMahon

We if we.

00:11:30 Ned McMahon

Have we've kind of segregated our file storage into 3 buckets?

00:11:35 Ned McMahon

I'll say so, bucket one is once it's been filed at the Patent Office.

00:11:39 Ned McMahon

That's our file copy that goes into perfect law.

00:11:41 Ned McMahon

That is our paper file equip.

00:11:44 Ned McMahon

We then have our SharePoint where we're storing what I'll call corporate level documents.

00:11:50 Ned McMahon

You know there are documents that we use over and over again for multiple clients, and some are client specific.

00:11:56 Ned McMahon

Maybe a power of attorney?

00:11:57 Ned McMahon

A corporate power of attorney.

00:11:58 Ned McMahon

A document that you want everyone in your organization to be able to get to get to quickly download and.

00:12:04 Ned McMahon

And you know, pull into their current project as they need it.

00:12:07 Ned McMahon

And then you have these projects and again from a from the patent perspective we're building a.

00:12:12 Ned McMahon

Let's say we're building a patent application where an attorney is working on the patent application.

00:12:17 Ned McMahon

Maybe your draftsmen working with drawings, your paralegals working on uh on some some forms for the Patent Office there.

00:12:24 Ned McMahon

There's a team of people building that that project.

00:12:28 Ned McMahon

And we are currently using the OneDrive system for the owner of that project on their desktop backed up to the.

00:12:36 Ned McMahon

Cloud and they can share.

00:12:37 Ned McMahon

That project folder with the other users in a secure manner straight from their OneDrive so that everybody can work on the project together.

00:12:46 Ned McMahon

And once that project is done again, we're going to button it up.

00:12:50 Ned McMahon

The corporate documents will go to the SharePoint.

00:12:53 Ned McMahon

The documents have been filed.

00:12:54 Ned McMahon

The Patent Office are going to go into perfect law.

00:12:56 Ned McMahon

And that folder will go away from.

00:12:58 Ned McMahon

From that, the drafts from a DOC retention policy standpoint, those drafts are going to go away, and all we're going to be maintaining at that point, or those corporate docs at the SharePoint level and the docs that were actually filed in in the perfect law cloud that.

00:13:14 Stephen Oles

Yeah, that's a great.

00:13:15 Stephen Oles

That's a great point net.

00:13:16 Stephen Oles

So you guys are leveraging the full stack of and This is why you probably.

00:13:22 Stephen Oles

Uhm, we're able to qualify for your.

00:13:25 Stephen Oles

Cyber insurance so easily as you guys are leveraging the full stack of data loss prevention technology, meaning that.

00:13:33 Stephen Oles

Only people that you grant access to have access and then once you disable access, whether it's on a company wide level or a user level, all of that is retained within the privileges of the user, so you don't have to worry about who has access.

00:13:51 Stephen Oles

Can they edit it?

00:13:53 Stephen Oles

You know you've got expiration date policies you've got, can't forward, can't print.

00:13:59 Stephen Oles

I cannot edit my capabilities within that so that.

00:14:03 Stephen Oles

That's a huge segue.

00:14:05 Stephen Oles

Into another you know component of this cloud storage.



00:14:09 Ned McMahon

And again, just from the IP perspective we're dealing with our clients confidential information, and when we've taken that that data that information.

00:14:23 Ned McMahon

Associate where we're dealing with with trying to get that application filed elsewhere and it's confidential information.

00:14:30 Ned McMahon

We're able to send instead of taking documents and attaching it to an e-mail and sending it around.

00:14:37 Ned McMahon

That is kind of in the open.

00:14:39 Ned McMahon

We can simply send links to our desktop to our OneDrive or.

00:14:43 Ned McMahon

To our SharePoint we can limit how they how they can access that document.

00:14:48 Ned McMahon

We can limit it just to their e-mail, they can't forward it to anybody else in their organization.

00:14:51 Ned McMahon

Now they always can download it from that.

00:14:54 Ned McMahon

If if we grant that access.

00:14:57 Ned McMahon

But we've been able to.

00:14:58 Stephen Oles

Yeah, but that's fully that's fully auditable.

00:15:00 Stephen Oles

You would know that they actually downloaded it to a device, so.

00:15:04 Ned McMahon

Yes, and it's it's interesting 'cause we.


Yeah, so this.

00:15:06 Ned McMahon

Again we we just started this whole process not too long ago.

00:15:10 Ned McMahon

The other day I got a notice and I didn't know what it was and and that's exactly what it was.

00:15:14 Ned McMahon

Steve was that one of the people on the team that had access to the folder, had downloaded the document.

00:15:21 Ned McMahon

And I got a.

00:15:21 Ned McMahon

Notice about it.

00:15:22 Ned McMahon

You know I called them and it was fine.

00:15:24 Ned McMahon

This was part of the process and just kind of a learning process, but you know, having the ability to.

00:15:29 Ned McMahon

Understand that your inventor not only has received this, they've downloaded it and it's in safe hands from a secure standpoint to their endpoint.

00:15:38 Stephen Oles


00:15:39 Ned McMahon

Was was was.

00:15:40 Ned McMahon

Was wonderful, right?

00:15:41 Ned McMahon

I mean it's a.

00:15:41 Stephen Oles

Because it's because it's your document they can't send.

00:15:44 Stephen Oles

They can't send.

00:15:45 Stephen Oles

They cannot send a send receipt, right?

00:15:48 Stephen Oles

So that is, that's your intellectual property.

00:15:52 Stephen Oles

Stating that the client received it and they downloaded it.

00:15:55 Ned McMahon

Yeah, so again, I just want to you know.

00:15:56 Anthony Beasley

It is worth.

00:15:57 Ned McMahon

To at a 30,000 foot view, we if I get a new employee tomorrow.

00:16:03 Ned McMahon

We can set-up their their law firm in a box. I can I can call Steve. I can spool up another Microsoft 365 virtual machine.

00:16:13 Ned McMahon

I can get all my licenses for word and Excel and all those things into that virtual machine.

00:16:19 Ned McMahon

I can get my users credentials for access and perfect log into that machine.

00:16:24 Ned McMahon

And I can get my teams phone.

00:16:26 Ned McMahon

Into that virtual machine and I I want to guess the number. I'm just roundabout number you're talking around 150 to $200.00 a month for for all of those licenses for that employee in a box.

00:16:39 Ned McMahon

And you're talking about their their lap.

00:16:41 Ned McMahon

That's their computer, that's their phone.

00:16:44 Ned McMahon

That's their licenses to Microsoft and Adobe, and that's their their access to perfect law.

00:16:51 Ned McMahon

Next month, if someone leaves and goes someplace else, I can spool that down.

00:16:55 Ned McMahon

So I'm I'm Steve.

00:16:57 Ned McMahon

Used the word nimble.

00:16:58 Ned McMahon

I'm I'm nimble, I I can add, subtract, move, change.

00:17:03 Ned McMahon

You know, for for very little upfront capital which.

00:17:06 Ned McMahon

Steve mentioned we're a big firm, so we spun out of another firm.

00:17:10 Ned McMahon

We have 12 attorneys.

00:17:11 Ned McMahon

We've got 3 paralegals.

00:17:13 Ned McMahon

And four or five.

00:17:14 Ned McMahon

Some back office staff so we.

00:17:19 Ned McMahon

So something around 30,000 matters came into our system and.

00:17:24 Ned McMahon

We're basically up and running in three weeks. It's what the 21st, 22nd of the month.

00:17:30 Stephen Oles

I just want to point out that you do not have.

00:17:33 Stephen Oles

A full time IT staff member to manage or maintain or keep trained, you have basically a part time access.

00:17:42 Stephen Oles

And I know you said you'd call, but we would love it if you would use the help desk since.

00:17:46 Stephen Oles

That way it's all you.

00:17:49 Stephen Oles

You know salvageable and we can forward those on to the appropriate people, but at the end of the day.

00:17:55 Stephen Oles

It is completely out of the way of the business.

00:17:58 Stephen Oles

We the dictate the the business dictates.

00:18:03 Stephen Oles

To it what it needs?

00:18:04 Stephen Oles

It's not you guys are not held hostage by technology anymore and you're certainly not held hostage by any of the of the IT staff.

00:18:09 Ned McMahon

Oh at all enough.

00:18:12 Stephen Oles

Who who is telling you?

00:18:13 Stephen Oles

Oh, you can't do that, because I don't believe in the two months that we've been doing this.

00:18:18 Stephen Oles

That we've ever said no.

00:18:20 Stephen Oles

I believe that we've said.

00:18:22 Stephen Oles

We don't know.

00:18:23 Stephen Oles

But we're going to find out, and we're going.

00:18:24 Stephen Oles

To get it.

00:18:25 Stephen Oles

Done, and that's that's what.

00:18:27 Stephen Oles

You want out of an information technology stack.

00:18:30 Ned McMahon

So I'm going to talk to two points. One thing that I've neglected to mention in our virtual machine is a little button at the bottom that's 5370, and it's our helpdesk inside that virtual machine.

00:18:41 Ned McMahon

If my people have a problem, they click the button and they get their IT people 24/7 and that's that's been a wonderful.

00:18:50 Ned McMahon

Change from having you know at our firm size to have that capability, you'd need two or three people, IT people and you you just can't.

00:18:59 Ned McMahon

You can't afford that.

00:19:01 Ned McMahon

Steve team has been, you know, wonderful and from a cost standpoint it's been.

00:19:08 Ned McMahon

It's been great.

00:19:09 Ned McMahon

You know it's comparable to having less than a full time person and and we've gotten to the place that we've gotten in a very short order.

00:19:16 Ned McMahon

I think the second thing is and and as lawyers folks will probably appreciate this is that Steve said they don't say no.

00:19:24 Ned McMahon

What they do do is they will call me back and.

00:19:26 Ned McMahon

Give me options.

00:19:28 Ned McMahon

And you know, as

00:19:29 Ned McMahon

As lawyers, we.

00:19:30 Ned McMahon

Try to do that.

00:19:31 Ned McMahon

For our clients, where we're you know we're not there to make the business decisions for them.

00:19:35 Ned McMahon

We're there to give them the legal advice, and we'll say, you know you can do this.

00:19:39 Ned McMahon

And here's the cost.

00:19:40 Ned McMahon

And here's the pros and cons.

00:19:41 Ned McMahon

You can do that.

00:19:42 Ned McMahon

Here's the cost.

00:19:42 Ned McMahon

Here's the pros.

00:19:43 Ned McMahon

And cons Steve and his team do that for us.

00:19:46 Ned McMahon

And let us make the business decisions that.

00:19:48 Ned McMahon

Work best for our for.

00:19:49 Ned McMahon

Our business and it's been a.

00:19:52 Ned McMahon

It's allowed us to get to this place where we have this, this nimble, secure, low cost.

00:19:59 Ned McMahon

A law firm in a box. You know it's just been, uh, at some point we're going to get back to the office once our walls are set-up. I think our lease starts September 1 we'll be back in there and you know we'll have to.

00:20:15 Ned McMahon

From that environment, we're going to be able to do, and I'm going to use the wrong term.

00:20:19 Ned McMahon

I think we're calling it a hot desk, Steve.

00:20:22 Ned McMahon

Where where our people can OK.

00:20:22 Stephen Oles

You can call it a hot desk, absolutely.

00:20:25 Ned McMahon

So are people who have laptops.

00:20:28 Ned McMahon

They can bring their laptop into the office.

00:20:30 Ned McMahon

They can click into their, their their you know monitor and keyboard there on on the desk and have their same environment if if they're working.

00:20:41 Ned McMahon

On a home.

00:20:42 Ned McMahon

Computer when they come in the.

00:20:43 Ned McMahon

Office that desk will have a desktop very low cost desktop.

00:20:48 Ned McMahon

Doesn't need a lot of power 'cause our power is all up in the cloud.

00:20:51 Ned McMahon

They'll just log in.

00:20:52 Ned McMahon

And they'll have the same experience.

00:20:53 Ned McMahon

There'll be a phone sitting on that desk, a teams phone.

00:20:57 Ned McMahon

Where that phone becomes their phone and it.

00:21:00 Ned McMahon

Will ring on.

00:21:01 Ned McMahon

That office, and so we're going to, you know, have a hybrid work from home model where folks can come in the office and hot desk into whatever you know.

00:21:09 Ned McMahon

Whatever cubicle.

00:21:11 Ned McMahon

Our office is available that day and have their same work experience in the office that they have at home.

00:21:19 Ned McMahon

And that's.

00:21:21 Ned McMahon

To me, from a uh, refreshing standpoint, to be able to to.

00:21:26 Ned McMahon

Have the same work environment both at home and at the office and just be flexible and nimble to allow people to to get get the hard work done that they need to and not worry.

00:21:35 Ned McMahon

About the IT stuff.

00:21:37 Anthony Beasley

Oh great, well I I have to admit the reason why I was very quiet is just, you know it's one thing to speak for someone.

00:21:46 Anthony Beasley

It's another thing when someone can speak for themselves and I just think with the amount of information that you guys could share about.

00:21:52 Anthony Beasley

So your experience, Ned and Steve, you've been able to work with Ned, but also in the background work with perfect law and provide a a solid solution.

00:22:01 Anthony Beasley

You know, I think that's great.

00:22:03 Anthony Beasley

I think when you look at the partnership between the three, you know people who don't understand the IP practice and what really goes on.

00:22:12 Anthony Beasley

The types of interactions.

00:22:13 Anthony Beasley

You have to have with the Patent Office the things that go on on just the billing side.

00:22:18 Anthony Beasley

The billing side alone is something that perfect law has a unique product to handle them.

00:22:22 Anthony Beasley

I know, you know, Ned knows this.

00:22:25 Anthony Beasley

You know when something issues and you got to change numbers that have to go out on a bill.

00:22:29 Anthony Beasley

You know in old school ways people have to run around and make sure the Bills are correct, but in perfect law.

00:22:33 Anthony Beasley

You know, people just process.

00:22:35 Anthony Beasley

The Docketing and the Bills are correct because everything happens as a function of people just doing the work and what that gets to is the fact that Steve has this job that makes sure that the firm has the flexibility to do the things that Ned was seeking to do, which was to have the ability to work.

00:22:50 Anthony Beasley

From wherever, however, we need to have his staff have the same experience.

00:22:55 Anthony Beasley

Have the level of access that's needed, but also if they come into the office, know that whether I'm home.

00:23:01 Anthony Beasley

Right work I'm doing the same thing.

00:23:03 Anthony Beasley

That's that's huge, but also for for and and then they have the partnership with perfect all.

00:23:08 Anthony Beasley

If there's an issue that we can work together so that.

00:23:11 Anthony Beasley

Net company not only succeeds, but exceeds expectations which I you know isn't it said to spin up a company, don't matter how how the company.

00:23:21 Anthony Beasley

Came about, but to do that in a matter of weeks and deal with 30,000 matters and all the billing complexities. And you know the types of docketing complexities that you deal with as an IP firm.

00:23:31 Anthony Beasley

I think it speaks to our ability to work not just with the firm but also with Steven.

00:23:37 Anthony Beasley

So that's one of the things I wanted to definitely memorialize in the conversation is, you know, Steven has always said to me, you know, the goal is to make the client happy.

00:23:49 Anthony Beasley

That sometimes is a very complicated process when you have different companies tyddyn, but when you have people who have a single minded focus at their level, their expertise to make sure the client is happy.

00:24:01 Anthony Beasley

You know that.

00:24:02 Anthony Beasley

I think that speaks.

00:24:03 Anthony Beasley

Very loudly to who we are as a company. From the software side, it speaks very loudly to who Stevens company is from the 5370 side, but also for mid.

00:24:12 Stephen Oles

Yeah Anthony, that's I.

00:24:13 Stephen Oles

I'm just going to pause you right there.

00:24:15 Stephen Oles

Perfect law is not an application that we had a ton of familiarity with prior to the start of this project.

00:24:22 Stephen Oles

I have to say that working with you specifically and your your technical team, my technical team, your technique.

00:24:29 Stephen Oles

Team it has been a seamless and I I hate to use that word 'cause it sounds so unbelievable.

00:24:36 Stephen Oles

But this this process has been so smooth.

00:24:39 Stephen Oles

Perfect law definitely understands.

00:24:43 Stephen Oles

How to implement when there's no roadblocks in the way, right?

00:24:47 Stephen Oles

Uh, I have.

00:24:48 Stephen Oles

I've heard Ned say that in the last two months he worked 16 hour days.

00:24:54 Stephen Oles

I'm happy to report that it's not because of it being in the way, it's because he's actually able to get his job done.

00:25:01 Stephen Oles

And start a new firm.

00:25:01 Anthony Beasley


00:25:03 Anthony Beasley


00:25:03 Stephen Oles

And at the at the.

00:25:04 Stephen Oles

End of the day, the.

00:25:06 Stephen Oles

The partnership between perfect law and 5370 is strong. It's only going to get stronger and Ned is going to reap the benefits of future releases, right?

00:25:17 Stephen Oles

'cause work even though he's using the most complex version of your software, there's still more work to do.

00:25:22 Stephen Oles

There's still additional processes that's going to make the.

00:25:26 Stephen Oles

End user experience.

00:25:27 Stephen Oles

Even better.

00:25:28 Stephen Oles

And if I was in the if I was in the IP firm space, I'd be getting my resume over the net because that firm has got.

00:25:37 Stephen Oles

Everything going for it.

00:25:38 Stephen Oles

The people are great.

00:25:40 Stephen Oles

Uh, there's no stress related to it, which is the number under application development and deployment I I know you have customers that are going on years of deployment.

00:25:52 Stephen Oles

We did it in three weeks from scratch.

00:25:56 Stephen Oles

So it can.

00:25:56 Stephen Oles

It can be done and I just want to give a shout out to perfect law.

00:25:59 Stephen Oles

You guys are absolutely fantastic to work with my team and loves.

00:26:02 Anthony Beasley

Thank you, thank you.

00:26:02 Stephen Oles

Luckily that's they only want to work with perfect law and I'm like, well, wait.

00:26:05 Stephen Oles

We have all these other verticals.

00:26:09 Stephen Oles

So so you gotta just maybe pump the brakes on on being.

00:26:12 Stephen Oles

So good.

00:26:14 Anthony Beasley

Well, I mean and the.

00:26:15 Anthony Beasley

Thing of it is, is that you know it.

00:26:17 Anthony Beasley

It it goes back to, you know, the President of the company, John Duncan, has a saying you know the customer better than you know yourself, you know.

00:26:24 Anthony Beasley

And and then, there's there's another saying.

00:26:27 Anthony Beasley

He uses all the time with us in sales, which is, is, you know, you're only as good as the information from the field.

00:26:33 Anthony Beasley

Uhm, we had great information from the field.

00:26:37 Anthony Beasley

Ned and I had a true understanding of what the vision was and what and what you know.

00:26:43 Anthony Beasley

A successful rollout would look like the challenge of course, is getting all the moving parts to get to that.

00:26:51 Anthony Beasley

So having the right partners you know you don't get there if if if there's friction across the board with so many different pieces, there's already enough friction dealing with the complexity of what Ned was dealing with.

00:27:03 Anthony Beasley

From a business standpoint to make the move.

00:27:06 Anthony Beasley

But when you set that aside.

00:27:09 Anthony Beasley

If you can remove all the road.

00:27:11 Anthony Beasley

Blocks that deal with things like the conversion to deal with things like lowering from a from a rollout standpoint, what is the process?

00:27:19 Anthony Beasley

How do we get this done?

00:27:21 Anthony Beasley

You know?

00:27:21 Anthony Beasley

How do we deal with lingering billing issues?

00:27:24 Anthony Beasley

How do we deal with docketing issues where people don't understand a IP firm could have thousands of transactions in a single day that?

00:27:31 Anthony Beasley

Have to be dealt with.

00:27:33 Anthony Beasley

And when you start taking that over a period of a couple of weeks, you know that's how many different transactions need to be up to date and running in the new system when.

00:27:40 Anthony Beasley

The time comes.

00:27:41 Anthony Beasley

So you have to have a great plan.

00:27:44 Anthony Beasley

You have to have a great team to make that happen, but you also have to have a lot of great partners from every angle that's involved to pull it off, and so the ability for us.

00:27:53 Anthony Beasley

To get this done.

00:27:56 Anthony Beasley

It really speaks to all pieces of the partnership, you know it.

00:28:00 Anthony Beasley

It was a true hand in glove partnership to get it done.

00:28:05 Anthony Beasley

And Steven, you know, I've worked with several key companies, have some in different parts of the country that we.

00:28:12 Anthony Beasley

We have, you know, across the board we've been, you know, silent partners, because we don't necessarily make all of our partnerships.

00:28:19 Anthony Beasley

A very public thing with something that's changing their perfect logic so you know and and then to be able to pull.

00:28:25 Anthony Beasley

You and then.

00:28:26 Anthony Beasley

Uhm Frere run for Aaron, who gave some advice and did some advisement to kind of make sure because of his past experience with the prior firm and just the fact that Ron probably is one of our most you know, he's been around us for over 20 years.

00:28:40 Anthony Beasley

So to have that level of partnership with everybody that was involved, I think that's how we got it.

00:28:48 Anthony Beasley

You know how we got it done, but at the end of the day, the goal was the firm gets launched and the firm gets to have a successful launch.

00:28:55 Anthony Beasley

And, you know, Ned can do what he wanted to do, which was hit the ground running.

00:29:00 Anthony Beasley

And the firm is running like it's been.

00:29:02 Anthony Beasley

Around for years.

00:29:03 Anthony Beasley

But it was just day one.

00:29:05 Ned McMahon

Yeah, you know one of the I'm going to build on that a little bit.

00:29:08 Ned McMahon

One of the things that I think this this opportunity happened or allowed to happen was you mentioned data conversion.

00:29:16 Ned McMahon

Obviously we were coming from perfect law into perfect law.

00:29:19 Ned McMahon

Right that that did simplify this process, but what it allowed us to do?

00:29:25 Ned McMahon

Because that was off the table.

00:29:26 Ned McMahon

In this instance, it allowed us to figure out all.

00:29:29 Ned McMahon

The other things right?

00:29:30 Ned McMahon

Spent time on all.

00:29:31 Ned McMahon

The other things, and now that now that it's happened, you know I'm Steve team.

00:29:37 Ned McMahon

Your team.

00:29:37 Ned McMahon

You've seen this happen now, and that is now a.

00:29:41 Ned McMahon

Skill set you have.

00:29:42 Ned McMahon

And and they will only grow.

00:29:45 Ned McMahon

And make.

00:29:47 Ned McMahon

Coming back to affirm, that's coming from from environments outside of PERF.

00:29:51 Ned McMahon

Well where there is a data conversion component that can be the focus again, 'cause you know you've worked out all these other details.

00:29:58 Ned McMahon

I'm I'm excited to have to be perfectly honest. One of my partners said, well, wait if if 5370 is doing all these.

00:30:06 Ned McMahon

Implementation is the perfect law. They're going to still have time for us, and the answer is yes. Number one and #2. We get to now.

00:30:15 Ned McMahon

Turn, you know we didn't implement every single module.

00:30:18 Ned McMahon

You guys have.

00:30:19 Ned McMahon

Some of it was 'cause we wanted to stay.

00:30:21 Ned McMahon

Focused on on.

00:30:23 Ned McMahon

The must haves for the time being and and to grow as we as.

00:30:27 Ned McMahon

We move forward.

00:30:28 Ned McMahon

Steve's going to get an opportunity working with other law firms to do those other modules, and so now.

00:30:33 Ned McMahon

I'm going to have the opportunity when.

00:30:35 Ned McMahon

When I do want to go to the.

00:30:37 Ned McMahon

To the next.

00:30:38 Ned McMahon

Step to rely on an IT vendor that has.

00:30:42 Ned McMahon

Experienced implementing that so I I get to grow horizontally with Steve as as he grows, which I think is I'm.

00:30:49 Ned McMahon

I'm looking forward to it so I I just.

00:30:52 Ned McMahon

And we didn't have to have the conflict.


There there's not so.

00:30:55 Ned McMahon

Data conversion thing.

00:30:57 Stephen Oles

Yeah, I mean so that your your clients are rocket scientists, right?

00:31:00 Stephen Oles

They're they're, they're they're building things and putting people in space.

00:31:04 Stephen Oles

And they're they're, they're innovators we you know we we adopted technology that was.

00:31:11 Stephen Oles

Agile for our customers and by having these Active Directory profiles right and we and you know, we've we've been fully trained by Microsoft on all these.

00:31:22 Stephen Oles

Components, but doing things like auto deploying desktops and doing things like building profiles are things that most internal IT staff is either a not trained on or B just doesn't take the time to learn and so for us to support you to spin up or spin down.

00:31:43 Stephen Oles

Users is.

00:31:45 Stephen Oles

Pretty much automated, so you know we we use the technology so that you can grow your business and I only see growth for you, which is great.

00:31:57 Stephen Oles

There might be other firms that are going through similar processes of starting up or just trying to get that.

00:32:05 Stephen Oles

Last piece over the hurdle.

00:32:10 Stephen Oles

If they contact perfect law and they contact Anthony.

00:32:15 Stephen Oles

He's going to bring in the partner that's best for them based on their requirements.

00:32:19 Anthony Beasley


00:32:19 Stephen Oles

And we we we welcome that at the same time we.

00:32:24 Stephen Oles

Are super excited that we have you as a client?

00:32:27 Stephen Oles

0 McAllister McMahon is going places, so this is great.


So this one.

00:32:31 Ned McMahon

One interesting thing here is is you.


Know and I.

00:32:35 Ned McMahon

I the the the on Prem versus cloud discussion is worth having here Steve.

00:32:40 Ned McMahon

Because you know we haven't been hard about that a little.

00:32:43 Ned McMahon

And we know that you have a solution, which I called RR solution.

00:32:51 Ned McMahon

The law firm in a box for about this.

00:32:52 Ned McMahon

This everything in in our in our virtual machine.

00:32:55 Ned McMahon

You guys also have the opportunity and we may get to a place where.

00:32:58 Ned McMahon

We have enough.

00:32:59 Ned McMahon

Data that it becomes cost effective but.

00:33:01 Ned McMahon

Right now we're not quite there.

00:33:03 Ned McMahon

Uhm, but you have a solution called the Green Lake solution through I think HP, where it's it's.

00:33:09 Ned McMahon

It's basically a server on wheels and I'm going to let I'm gonna let you kind of describe that a little bit, but from from a financial standpoint the attractiveness to some of these things.

00:33:18 Ned McMahon

There's been startup costs.

00:33:19 Ned McMahon

Right I I didn't buy 4040 desktop machines I didn't buy, you know. I just basically bought a license and some IT time so my startup costs were minimal.

00:33:33 Ned McMahon

If if we eventually get to an on Prem situation, the attractiveness from a business standpoint is that Onprem was also a leased solution.

00:33:41 Ned McMahon

So I'm gonna I'm.

00:33:42 Ned McMahon

Gonna let you kind of talk about that.

00:33:45 Stephen Oles

Yeah, so so I'm not allowed to say the word lease with with Green Lake 'cause it's not actually sits actually utility right?

00:33:53 Stephen Oles

And for 20 plus years now I've been going to something called VM World and you know partnerships with some of these larger manufacturers.

00:34:04 Stephen Oles

And they've been promising this virtual desktop literally for for 20 years.

00:34:10 Stephen Oles

And we're finally at a place where.

00:34:13 Stephen Oles

When you made the decision.

00:34:16 Stephen Oles

Based on your lease that you could not do an on Prem that we were able to pivot literally, I think in a 5 minute phone call to 100% completely virtual environment.

00:34:29 Stephen Oles

The Greenlake solution from from HP basically takes the best of of all worlds from a cloud standpoint.

00:34:37 Stephen Oles

Right, but it give right from an economic cloud standpoint, but it gives you the ability to put hardware on premise that basically runs like a utility.

00:34:47 Stephen Oles

So HP over provisions the box on purpose, right?

00:34:52 Stephen Oles

Whether it's compute or storage or network and then as you go through your.

00:34:57 Stephen Oles

Monthly utility bill.

00:35:00 Stephen Oles

Let's call it.

00:35:01 Stephen Oles

They can turn the dial up.

00:35:03 Stephen Oles

To give you more throughput and then you just basically pay per the drip so it is a dream come true because it's usually like tide into 3-4 years at at the end of the three four years.

00:35:17 Stephen Oles

HP sends a team in.

00:35:19 Stephen Oles

They put all new equipment in.

00:35:20 Stephen Oles

You keep paying the same monthly drip so.

00:35:23 Stephen Oles

Some of the some of the larger companies that have embraced that technology originally there was $1,000,000 buy in and now for an SMB small to mid sized business.

00:35:34 Stephen Oles

Customer such as yourself. I think we were for a for a complete solution, including like all solid-state nimble storage Gen 10 servers.

00:35:44 Stephen Oles

The VM licensing the switching components. I want to say it was like what 3500 bucks a month.

00:35:52 Stephen Oles

And it was like an entire rack worth of equipment, and there's no upfront cost.

00:35:56 Stephen Oles

You just basically sign the utility bill and away you go, right?

00:36:01 Stephen Oles

So it's almost like signing up with Con Ed.

00:36:03 Stephen Oles

Uh, and getting that getting that utility bill, but more importantly, you get the vision you get.

00:36:08 Stephen Oles

The cloud economics.

00:36:10 Stephen Oles

You also get a cloud dashboard to see exactly what's being used, how the resources being used.

00:36:15 Stephen Oles

You still manage that environment, but HP retains ownership of that equipment.

00:36:20 Stephen Oles

You you know at the end of the day we can manage those environments.

00:36:27 Stephen Oles

I'm not sure that you're ever going to want to be in the data center business because it's it.

00:36:31 Stephen Oles

Quite frankly, it's boring.

00:36:33 Stephen Oles

I'd rather I'd rather let Microsoft and the big players out there continue to run your data centers, because that's that's the business that they're in.

00:36:41 Stephen Oles

Your urine attorney, your you run a law firm.

00:36:44 Stephen Oles

They make technology and they support it.

00:36:49 Stephen Oles

Matter fact my sister is now working for one of the largest implementers in the world, said that there's a new Gigafactory going on online over in India right now.

00:36:59 Stephen Oles

And you know, that's that's kind of the.

00:37:02 Stephen Oles

That's kind of the future of the business, right?

00:37:04 Stephen Oles

Perfect law wants you in the cloud because.

00:37:07 Stephen Oles

That solution is.

00:37:09 Stephen Oles

Easier to manage.

00:37:11 Stephen Oles

They can control the back end that they need to control and you guys just need to be lawyers.

00:37:16 Stephen Oles

You guys just need to go make you know do billable time.

00:37:22 Anthony Beasley

And I think.


I hope that.

00:37:23 Stephen Oles

Made sense, I know.

00:37:24 Stephen Oles

I geeked out again.

00:37:25 Anthony Beasley

Now, but I think I think one of the beautiful things in in this whole conversation is number 1.

00:37:30 Anthony Beasley

You know, we highlighted a lot of things that are very important for any anybody that's making a decision whether you're perfect or client, they're thinking about the.

00:37:37 Anthony Beasley

Cloud, or you're?

00:37:39 Anthony Beasley

Someone looking at perfect law and you just want?

00:37:41 Anthony Beasley

To know you know.

00:37:42 Anthony Beasley

How great a product we are or what what types of things that you're going to face in your decision making.

00:37:48 Anthony Beasley

What things to consider.

00:37:49 Anthony Beasley

You know 'cause we're talking about a lot of things that a lot of people don't sit down and have these conversations on.

00:37:54 Anthony Beasley

They usually have these conversations after they've made the decision they're trying to implement, and they're running into roadblocks.

00:38:00 Anthony Beasley

And now you're back and forth with the companies.

00:38:02 Anthony Beasley

To figure this.

00:38:03 Anthony Beasley

Stuff out and knowing that we had solutions going in, we had hard conversations before you went live.

00:38:09 Anthony Beasley

You know one of the things I always talked to.

00:38:11 Anthony Beasley

A lot of law firms about when they're talking.

00:38:13 Anthony Beasley

To me that aren't.

00:38:14 Anthony Beasley

Using perfect law is we are.

00:38:15 Anthony Beasley

Probably the most flexible.

00:38:18 Anthony Beasley

System in the business.

00:38:19 Anthony Beasley

Because we are not just a cloud.

00:38:23 Anthony Beasley

Our our whole existence is not about just the cloud.

00:38:26 Anthony Beasley

We have an on premise solution for firms who want to be on premises and we have a a cloud solution for firms who want to be in the cloud.

00:38:33 Anthony Beasley

They run from Azure.

00:38:34 Anthony Beasley

You're running from one of the probably one of the best.

00:38:37 Anthony Beasley

Data centers in the world, or run from it.

00:38:39 Anthony Beasley

Considering that we're a Microsoft product, it only makes sense at the end of the day.

00:38:44 Anthony Beasley

Uhm, for someone like Steve, you know not not having to tell a person one way or the.

00:38:51 Anthony Beasley

Other but being able to just give them the advantages of 1 and the disadvantages of the of 1 versus the other.

00:38:58 Anthony Beasley

And not saying, Oh well, you know you go with this product 'cause it's cloud.

00:39:02 Anthony Beasley

No, you can go with the best product because it's the best product and that I think is a huge huge huge advantage.

00:39:09 Anthony Beasley

And I think it's going to help us grow in the future.

00:39:11 Anthony Beasley

So you know, I, I think you know with all the things we did, we discussed this morning, you know.

00:39:17 Anthony Beasley

Still your your knowledge will be a very, very useful tool for anyone sitting down, listening.

00:39:23 Anthony Beasley

Because there's a lot of things from a Nike standpoint conversations that just never get had and then being a business owner who has to make a decision.

00:39:32 Anthony Beasley

And looking at things not just from the financial.

00:39:35 Anthony Beasley

Side because typically.

00:39:37 Anthony Beasley

When I talked to quite a few firms, especially startups and especially firms, where you know you you.

00:39:42 Anthony Beasley

Think about the money and they're looking at a a dollar sign on a piece of paper and they're not looking at how that dollar sign will grow or not grow.

00:39:50 Anthony Beasley

Based on what you do next.

00:39:53 Anthony Beasley

You being able to talk to someone and tell them hey look, you know we we made a.

00:39:57 Anthony Beasley

Conscious decision and This is why.

00:39:59 Anthony Beasley

It's huge.

00:40:01 Anthony Beasley

Because yeah, everybody getting approached by this vendor or that vendor with things out there like subscription software which I've told people over and over again.

00:40:12 Anthony Beasley

You know it's it's just one of those things that when I have my sales conversation with people on the phone and I tell them, you know, when you take the word subscription, just put lifelong.

00:40:20 Anthony Beasley

Lease and never own because that's.

00:40:22 Anthony Beasley

What you're doing the.

00:40:24 Anthony Beasley

The idea that.

00:40:25 Anthony Beasley

You bought a software.

00:40:28 Anthony Beasley

That can be ran in in the cloud or on premises and you own it.

00:40:33 Anthony Beasley

You own the rights to it.

00:40:33 Anthony Beasley

You own the technology that that software brings is huge because then it lets you focus on the right business model decision.

00:40:42 Anthony Beasley

As far as whether it's ran in the cloud or ran on premises, which we went through those conversations.

00:40:48 Anthony Beasley

Uhm, so that you can get the best, the best decision overall and I think and and I think Steve can echo this.

00:40:56 Anthony Beasley

I think he made a huge, great decision.

00:40:59 Anthony Beasley

Considering you're nimble.

00:41:01 Anthony Beasley

You're running high end software that some people just don't even have access to do, or they're doing.

00:41:06 Anthony Beasley

You're doing things that some firms said.

00:41:08 Anthony Beasley

I wish we could.

00:41:09 Anthony Beasley

Do and you're doing it at a level that is still going to take a lot of firms months to catch up to.

00:41:14 Anthony Beasley

Even after hearing this conversation, 'cause you know it's one thing to say you can do something, but the understanding of how and whys, that's that's.

00:41:21 Anthony Beasley

That's a whole other world.

00:41:24 Stephen Oles

If I I'm just gonna say if I were to file a patent today by knowing knowing the technology that's in play.

00:41:32 Stephen Oles

With Ned's firm and knowing how the data is handled, is is a differentiator based on based on.

00:41:43 Stephen Oles

You know other firms that I know where we came from, where you know potentially there's a.

00:41:51 Stephen Oles

Single point of failure around every corner and.

00:41:55 Stephen Oles

Data loss or.

00:41:58 Stephen Oles

This Miss access to data by the wrong staff, or even misplacement of that.

00:42:03 Stephen Oles

Uhm, is gonna be really hard.

00:42:07 Stephen Oles

For Ned and his team to do moving forward, it is something that.

00:42:14 Stephen Oles

You know?

00:42:16 Stephen Oles

Other firms should be looking at and other firms should take a pause, and if that means that they don't do any billable hours for a month or two months to get it right.

00:42:28 Stephen Oles

I think that the reward at the other side is worth the pause, because going down the road of doing the same thing.

00:42:36 Stephen Oles

Over and over again is not going to lead itself to.

00:42:40 Stephen Oles

To future growth expansion, having the ability to maintain the business level.

00:42:48 Anthony Beasley

Right and and like I said, I think you know and a lot of the things that Ned and I have talked about and that's the other thing, is having a relationship with the vendor that seizure today problem.

00:42:58 Anthony Beasley

But you're tomorrow, you know, hopes and dreams.

00:43:00 Anthony Beasley

You know, there's a lot of stuff that will be going on.

00:43:03 Anthony Beasley

Is Nick grows in perfect law?

00:43:04 Anthony Beasley

There's a lot of like ***** it.

00:43:05 Anthony Beasley

There's a lot of products.

00:43:06 Anthony Beasley

Out there that are.

00:43:08 Anthony Beasley

That he doesn't have, or that he may want.

00:43:10 Anthony Beasley

At some point.

00:43:11 Anthony Beasley

You know, one of the neat things that's going on is.

00:43:14 Anthony Beasley

Next week Ned, you'll be here in Charlie Dolan.

00:43:16 Anthony Beasley

She's using the business intelligence module and growing in it, and what that will do for you and some of the the models that are going to be stuck into the perfect law business intelligence product for the future.

00:43:27 Anthony Beasley

For people like you where you can make the types of decisions that people go to, these high end CPA firms.

00:43:33 Anthony Beasley

That's been, you know, Charlie has a system from us that they wanted to charge her $4000 a month for a firm a little bit larger than yours just to produce some sort of business intelligence reports, right? And she's she owns perfect law. She's using the latest technology through Power BI and Power Pivot.

00:43:51 Anthony Beasley

She's doing the things that everybody wants to do in a product she owns and it's improving.

00:43:57 Anthony Beasley

It's getting better.

00:43:57 Anthony Beasley

There's a lot of things that are going on, you know, improved EMS opportunities.

00:44:01 Anthony Beasley

You're going to be coming to us.

00:44:03 Anthony Beasley

We're doing some document assembly training.

00:44:05 Anthony Beasley

There's a lot of stuff that people will continue to grow in even your firm, who I think is doing a lot of things that maybe.

00:44:11 Anthony Beasley

Some other firms aren't, and that's that's the partnership you know, and that's one of the things I wanted to make sure that we got across the it's greatest perfect law is as a product, and I said that since I work for them.

00:44:23 Anthony Beasley

But as a.

00:44:24 Anthony Beasley

As a product in in being with the company for 20 years and seeing where we were and where we.

00:44:28 Anthony Beasley

Our and looking into the future with firms like yours then who who are you have a dream?

00:44:34 Anthony Beasley

You have an aspiration and you work for it and then having a partner like Steve that.

00:44:38 Anthony Beasley

Can come in and and and really just kind of blend right into a model for success.

00:44:46 Anthony Beasley

I think is is huge.

00:44:48 Anthony Beasley

For anybody that's looking out there, or considering, or just wondering if it's even possible, but this conversation was to provide a a point of of reference for people to know.

00:44:59 Anthony Beasley

Not only is it possible, it's being done.

00:45:02 Anthony Beasley

And the neat thing is, is that now that we know it's done, it can be replicated and this is what we do every day.

00:45:10 Anthony Beasley

So you know I want to thank both of you guys for your time.

00:45:13 Anthony Beasley

I know you know Ned running a law firm Steve running a business to be able to grab some time to educate some folks on some things.

00:45:22 Anthony Beasley

And let you tell them not perfectly.

00:45:24 Anthony Beasley

I'll tell them.

00:45:25 Anthony Beasley

And because there's things that, no matter how great.

00:45:28 Anthony Beasley

Perfect lives as.

00:45:28 Anthony Beasley

A product there are things that we we need strong partnerships to achieve.

00:45:34 Anthony Beasley

And being able to have that with you guys has been.

00:45:38 Anthony Beasley

It's just been a great great great experience for me over the last couple of months and all the things.

00:45:42 Anthony Beasley

That we've had to do to make you know, Nets dream.

00:45:45 Anthony Beasley

A reality I.

00:45:47 Anthony Beasley

I really appreciate number one.

00:45:50 Anthony Beasley

The opportunity but number 2 the work that was put in from from all sides.

00:45:57 Ned McMahon

Great thanks, thanks Anthony.


Thank you.

00:45:59 Ned McMahon

Thanks Steve.

00:46:00 Stephen Oles

Thank you next, thank you.

00:46:00 Anthony Beasley

Well guys

00:46:02 Anthony Beasley

Same here, same here.

00:46:03 Anthony Beasley

Thank you guys for your time and you know we look forward to the next time we get a chance to speak and I will definitely be reaching out and.

00:46:11 Anthony Beasley

Until next time.

00:46:14 Stephen Oles

Thank you.