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Outlook Appts & Contacts Add-ins

Look up and add PerfectLaw® matter codes to Outlook®
appointments and tasks from Outlook®

Busy law professionals frequently edit appointments, due dates, contacts and time slips in several databases at once, often on the run. By synchronizing multiple databases automatically, Outlook® Add-ins for PerfectLaw® eliminate the need for double data entry while reducing transcription errors, delays, labor and the potential loss of billable time.

As Outlook® sends calendar information to mobile BlackBerries or iPhones, the Add-ins update PerfectLaw® calendars, real-time, so they always remain in sync. Likewise, when contact information is changed in the firm’s database, the Add-ins eliminate double entry by immediately updating both Outlook® and mobile PDAs.

Appointments Add-in Benefits

  • Attorneys don’t need to change the way they work in Outlook®
  • Secretaries don’t need to double enter events in both Outlook® and PerfectLaw®
  • Capture billable time automatically while working in Outlook® or your PDA
  • Work without fear of losing critical data, since data is also stored in PerfectLaw®
  • Requires minimal workstation or phone setup
  • Reduce dependency on clerical and secretarial assistance

Contacts Add-in Benefits

  • Each user’s Outlook® address book benefits from centralized updates made in PerfectLaw®
  • Add-in managed addresses are automatically corrected when corrupted or deleted in Outlook® or your PDA

Appointments Add-in Functions

  • Link Outlook® appointments and tasks to your matters
  • Convert your Outlook® and phone appointments and tasks into time slips automatically
  • Validate client, matter, and activity codes from Outlook® to avoid data entry errors
  • Your PerfectLaw® calendars will show Outlook® appointments and tasks
  • Track, display and print individual or firm PerfectLaw® calendars
    with matter codes and names
  • Bi-directionally edit Outlook® appointments and tasks from either Outlook® or PerfectLaw®
  • Search and analyze your Outlook® events with the PerfectLaw® DataBrowser
  • Audit trail tracking/reporting of Outlook® events and edits

Contacts Add-in Functions

  • Users define their own set of "My Selected Contacts" from the firm's All-in-One® database
  • Manage, share and sync firm contacts with your Outlook® and phone address books
  • Central database changes are sent continuously to each user’s Outlook® address book or phone with no manual intervention