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Billing Compliance

Saves time while improving cash flow

Billing Compliance allows time line validation, real-time, before time is added to work in process (WIP), which in turn reduces billing write-offs by your clients. Any time entered that violates a compliance rule for the given client will instantly be displayed in red on the time sheet.

If your staff is spending a lot of time correcting and re-submitting bills, this software is not only a big time-saver, but improves cash flow, because it catches the problem before it leaves the door. And, if your firm chooses, it can even be configured to force the timekeeper to fix problem timelines themselves.

The software supports three types of compliance rules.

Filter out non-compliant words
‘Non-compliant words’ rules flag time lines containing certain noncompliant words because such lines are typically not paid. Rather than waste resources, Compliance will flag these words if they appear in time lines before processing is allowed.

Attorney daily workload thresholds
These rules define a daily maximum time limit that can be posted by a single timekeeper during a given day for a client. When the amount of time posted by a timekeeper exceeds the threshold, the system will not add the time to WIP.

Budget thresholds
Dollar value budgets are assigned to task code sets like the ABA Litigation Task Code Set. If the budget threshold is near or reached, the user is prompted with a warning message when time is entered. If the time is still entered, it appears red in the time diary in order to notify the user that the timeline needs to be addressed before billing.