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Screen Painter

Create and maintain your own tables and screens

Competitive, fast paced firms want to have information readily available at their finger tips. Many systems store data in various locations, but reports must be printed, applications run and notes researched to ensure information is combined in a presentable fashion. This is a time consuming process and can result in repetitive work, delayed workflow, and endless aggravation. With the PerfectLaw Screen Painter, firms can create personalized summary screens and tabs that contain relevant information in one location.

The PerfectLaw® Screen Painter is a tool that allows users to create custom tables that store miscellaneous case-related data, along with screens that can be used to view and edit the custom data, and at the same time incorporates other data that was input in other areas, including dates from the docket and more, providing an efficient and convenient place to manage case information.

  • Firms with technically proficient staff can be trained to create and maintain their own practice area-specific tables and screens
  • Intelligent layout assistant helps users automatically adjust the layout of fields to create a cleaner, finished product
  • Eliminates duplicate entry of the same information since data entered elsewhere in the system can be displayed and even edited using these custom summary screens
  • Customized data can be searched and reports can be generated using PerfectLaw's Data Browser intelligence engine