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Document Management: webDMS

aim365Document Management on-premises or in the Cloud

webDMS is totally new; it was designed and programmed from the ground up for fast mobile and cloud performance using the latest web-browser technologies.

webDMS is an outgrowth of PerfectLaw’s Attorney Information Manager, AIM®. It incorporates all the creation, search, and retrieval features AIM® users are accustomed too, along with seamless integration with Microsoft® Office365®.

webDMS’ unique architecture addresses many security, performance, and integration issues affecting law firms. Perhaps the most important are

  • Security issues such as Ransomware
  • Performance issues when working remotely
  • Clumsiness coupled with a steep learning curve
  • Poor integration with Windows®, Office® and PDFs, especially with respect to
    security and Drag and Drop functionality
  • Limited searching capability
  • Shaky vendor syndrome where the vendor has been sold recently or goes
    out of business and the product goes on life support
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PerfectLaw DMS vs NetDocuments vs iManage

With webDMS, users will enjoy collaborating with one another, creating documents, profiles, versions using drag and drop gestures to move, copy and link documents into custom folders. Working with webDMS is much like working with Microsoft® Windows®; helping attorneys transition to the cloud in little to no time at all.


  • Merge forms and Document Assembly
  • Works with Adobe® Acrobat®, Microsoft® Word®, Excel®, and WordPerfect®
  • Sent emails are automatically saved in the DMS
  • Advanced full text and metadata searches
  • Versioning and red-lining
  • Creates and respects Active Directory security permissions even during import/export operations
  • Mass Drag and Drop import via the Windows® multi-file select gesture
  • Access documents from anywhere with full featured browser based mobile access
  • Works Offline without internet connectivity
  • Automatically captures billable time
  • Restructure shared and personal folder directories via Drag and Drop gestures, just like Windows
  • Preview any document instantly in the Cloud before downloading regardless of format


  • Saves and profiles documents in a sharable centralized database
  • Automatically adds metadata to each document profile record including all names, dates, notes, keywords, location, document and version number, plus full text
  • Compares and red-lines documents or versions
  • Maintains audit trail history for all document creation, access, and update operations
  • Syncs webDMS access permissions with Active Directory to enforce DMS integrated file security across all applications and users on the network
  • Allows mass import or export of documents via drag-drop
  • Perform move, copy, or link functions on one or more documents using the DMS or Windows® folders


  • Avoid the latency associated with terminal server, Citrix® and VMware® via faster technology both inside and outside the firm’s office
  • Avoid security issues such as malware and ransomware
  • Recover lost or deleted documents days after they went missing
  • Promote Knowledge base collaboration through efficient document sharing
  • Ensure business continuity and disaster recovery via Microsoft® Azure®
  • Enhance security with high level encryption
  • Increase efficiency; almost all document searches using metadata and full text take less than 1-2 seconds per million documents.