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Episode #11 - The Future of Law Office Technology

Shawn Peoples of Astute Network Technology talks to Anthony Beasley about the marketplace. Shawn shares his views of where things are headed and how PerfectLaw stands in relationship to the market as a whole. This is a great opportunity to provide neutral insight to listeners who are wondering about the future of technology as it relates to the legal industry.

Full Transcript

00:00:02 Anthony Beasley

Good evening everybody. This is Anthony Beasley, again with perfect law software and today we thought we'd do something a little bit different.

00:00:09 Anthony Beasley

You know we have business partners around the country that have worked with us and implementing software systems both on premises and in the cloud. And we have someone with us from a student technologies.

00:00:23 Anthony Beasley

He's his name is Sean. People Sean has worked with me on several installations and has been someone that we have gone to from time to time when we wanted to at least have a good understanding of.

00:00:35 Anthony Beasley

Technology, being a technology company and having your own product to support, sometimes you have a feeling of tunnel vision and so having someone that you can turn to and you can trust their knowledge and what they know and the issues that you face in supporting your own clients. You get some good ideas. So I thought what I do today is since the.

00:00:54 Anthony Beasley

Advent of the cloud is becoming even more prevalent across all business applications.

00:01:01 Anthony Beasley

Well, just let Sean give people some really good advice, some good understanding of what's going on in the world today as it relates to technology, and you know we're perfectly off.

00:01:11 Anthony Beasley

It's in our approach to technology and some of the things that he knows from working with us. So with that said, Sean, why don't you tell us a little bit about yourself?

00:01:20 Anthony Beasley

So that way people can have an understanding.

00:01:22 Shawn Peoples

Hey good afternoon, my name is Shawn Peoples.

00:01:27 Shawn Peoples

I am the.

00:01:28 Shawn Peoples

Managing partner of the Student network technology. We're cloud based and a managed service company based in Jacksonville.

00:01:37 Shawn Peoples

We service over 100 different companies from legal to general contractors.

00:01:44 Shawn Peoples

Different yeah.

00:01:47 Shawn Peoples

A multitude of different entities, developers and other organizations, and we we provide resources to help you create or manage your business. And we're we're happy to be partnered with on perfect law too.

00:02:03 Shawn Peoples

Uh, we help our customers and we have. I have quite a few customers who do use PERF law and we do integration.

00:02:12 Shawn Peoples

With other Microsoft products within Siper and these are the some of the topics we're going to get into today.

00:02:18 Anthony Beasley

OK, now.

00:02:18 Shawn Peoples


00:02:18 Shawn Peoples

00:02:21 Anthony Beasley

So there's so much news out there in the world today where people are, you know, and especially in legal space where you have cloud vendors that seem to be popping up daily.

00:02:31 Anthony Beasley

You know, from time to time I'll I'll get phone calls from people who are mentioning a name I've never heard of for the first time, or someone that we know.

00:02:39 Anthony Beasley

About in transitioning, and there is this thing of what's a true cloud product versus a hosted product. And you know when it comes to different things in data Center for instance, we know of people who have products where the data center is is not something like a Microsoft Azure. It's, you know, it could be.

00:03:00 Anthony Beasley

Their own managed service data center where they're running stuff, but they're not doing anything like for instance, for PERF.

00:03:06 Anthony Beasley

While we are a Microsoft shop both at the software level and also at the data center level, we're certified data center from Microsoft. So we set people up on Microsoft Azure.

00:03:18 Anthony Beasley

But from your knowledge, you know what advice can you give someone is it relates to what's a truly hosted product versus something that's a hosted problem. I mean, a truly data center cloud product versus something that's a hosted product.

00:03:33 Shawn Peoples

Also, in regards to being a true data center product is a solution that's managed in the third party.

00:03:40 Shawn Peoples

And some companies have a hybrid cloud, which that means they have all site processes that are running it wise in house are ran with another company that are shared with the data centers side. So in regards to that being a true hosted and data center.

00:04:00 Shawn Peoples

Environment your applications, all the processes you basically use are ran from a third party. They can be done in different ways. You can do them through having your own cloud solution.

00:04:13 Shawn Peoples

Having your own equipment hosted in a data center site also doing it through Azure or a WS or Google Cloud and storm.

00:04:23 Shawn Peoples

Those resources, the last three hours mentioned are the more popular way that a lot of people are going right now.

00:04:31 Shawn Peoples

And providing their resources so they can access their email, their cloud of solutions and their documents.

00:04:38 Anthony Beasley

OK, now you know, knowing that you have, you know a lot of experience working with Microsoft Azure and you know you work with us, at least in a couple of different events because of your knowledge of SharePoint and well, we talked to people about working with our new old web product and and teams.

00:04:59 Anthony Beasley

00:05:00 Anthony Beasley

Now what's what would be a key for you when someone is talking to you, or at least getting it right from you as it relates to you?

00:05:08 Anthony Beasley

Know a cloud product, you know there's there's. I always tell people you know from a sales side, is this a?

00:05:14 Anthony Beasley

Is this a website based cloud product where it's just you're typing in data through a website or we talking about something like what perfect law offers which?

00:05:20 Anthony Beasley

Is having the Azure platform on the back end and having the power of what we do on site in the Azure network?

00:05:29 Shawn Peoples

So in regards to that, I would say.

00:05:33 Shawn Peoples

Using Azure for example, is implementing this. First off making sure you're working in a secure and.

00:05:40 Shawn Peoples

And very robust and compliant environment in regards to Azure making sure you know you're you have a document library setup properly with permissions and your document library can also be shared with resources like in with. SharePoint can be securely shared.

00:06:01 Shawn Peoples

And link to your purple all data so you can actually link your purple all data with SharePoint.

00:06:09 Shawn Peoples

And it's it's managed by Microsoft Azure. So with inside Microsoft Azure you have your Active Directory just like you had this, just like people used to work and still still a lot of people do work this way.

00:06:21 Shawn Peoples

You have a physical server on site using Microsoft Active Directory and you can set up groups. You can set up.

00:06:29 Shawn Peoples

Permissions and you can set up the way you want people to access this data in a real time format.

00:06:37 Shawn Peoples

Based on if they're working inside their office, they're working outside the office, so if you're working from a laptop outside office, your computers are connected by Azure and by them being connected by Azure, you can allow users to have full functionality while working remotely from the outside office.

00:06:56 Shawn Peoples

Azure doing it that way also.

00:06:58 Shawn Peoples

So remove the VPN access that a lot of people were having issues with and VP has been one of the main costs.

00:07:09 Shawn Peoples

A lot of people getting ransomware and getting attacked because it's a security hole you create in your network, so doing it through Azure, it makes a one to one connection.

00:07:18 Shawn Peoples

Through the cloud you access your computer remotely. You'll log into your computer, you're accessing Azure through a secure link. Your computer. You're playing regular desktop, if it's windows.

00:07:31 Shawn Peoples

Empero will automatically make a connection to the cloud and you can access your documents real time in a secure fashion so.

00:07:40 Shawn Peoples

You know, I got. I went on a little tangent but the whole thing is it allows you to work in a more secure environment.

00:07:47 Shawn Peoples

Also allows you to be compliant. Meets all legal standards also, so you can actually track and maintain and knowing what files and data you're using over the course of a day or or a week. Whatever matter you're working on, you can track.

00:08:00 Shawn Peoples

All that information, really.

00:08:02 Anthony Beasley

Time OK, OK now you know when people are working in the cloud, especially on an Azure environment where you have the ability to have.

00:08:12 Anthony Beasley

Different applications work in kind of like what people are used to working with with an on premise setup. You know that has it's it's it's own issues, and when people are on premise.

00:08:24 Anthony Beasley

But obviously when people are using on premise systems, especially in something like a law firm where you have a billing software, case management.

00:08:32 Anthony Beasley

Software and document management software and something else.

00:08:37 Anthony Beasley

One of the things I always talk to people about is the fact that well.

00:08:40 Anthony Beasley

So if it's cloud based.

00:08:43 Anthony Beasley

UM, what ends up happening is is you have.

00:08:48 Anthony Beasley

A need for multiple vendors to work together, and obviously when you're in multiple clouds, you know that creates its own.

00:08:53 Shawn Peoples

00:08:57 Anthony Beasley

Now unique set of problems and how does the data go back and forth through accessing the data. I had the pleasure of having a conversation with someone yesterday and they talked about the fact that.

00:09:02 Shawn Peoples

00:09:09 Anthony Beasley

You know?

00:09:09 Anthony Beasley

They they actually were told by their consultant. We'll just type the data in versus doing something where there's a on an interface, because at least that way you know you don't have the issues where some data is missing and the transfer of data things of that nature. Now you're familiar with perfect law. You know you understand, you know.

00:09:29 Anthony Beasley

We are one of our huge selling points. Has always been that we're a single data database product. Doesn't matter what the interfaces look like or where the data is coming.

00:09:37 Anthony Beasley

From once it's in, it's in. It's in. It's in the perfect law database, and at that point you can edit it.

00:09:43 Anthony Beasley

You can delete it. You can do whatever you gotta do, but there's going to be #1 if you edit or change or delete something, there's an audit trail.

00:09:49 Anthony Beasley

There's something you can always look back to, but when you talk about the cloud again that that is its own unique problem.

00:09:58 Anthony Beasley

For law firms, so from your standpoint you know what's your thoughts on these different cloud products or cloud scenarios or hybrid scenarios as answers to people, day-to-day issues and using software.

00:10:11 Anthony Beasley

00:10:12 Shawn Peoples

From what I got from her.

00:10:13 Shawn Peoples

Perfect law defeat uhm?

00:10:17 Shawn Peoples

Users for law firms and institutions use different cloud based applications perfectly. Offers two good solutions and I think the RDS solution for remote desktop so works perfectly and not me.

00:10:31 Shawn Peoples

And after we had a conversation about this, certain people need to be able to not be able to just work in a cloud.

00:10:37 Shawn Peoples

Environment, I mean just give me a web based application.

00:10:41 Shawn Peoples

They need to be able to log into a physical desktop and this is what the remote desktop, whereas you will allow you to do. You can actually work in your and Anthony. You're saying TM.

00:10:53 Anthony Beasley

Yeah, certain practice areas with certain types of processes you know you you need to have certain things that go on.

00:10:59 Anthony Beasley

You know, in your day to day work that when you you do it over the cloud, especially when you get into large documents or complicated scenarios that maybe you're doing XML or you're doing PDF style documents a little bit harder to do, you know?

00:11:12 Anthony Beasley

We've been perfecting our cloud technology for a long time, but these are things that we've learned through trial and error and we don't put it on the clients to learn we we actually are doing it ourselves.

00:11:22 Anthony Beasley

And understand it.

00:11:23 Anthony Beasley

So yes, there's certain people that because of their work from time to time, they may want to have the RDS log in so that they can actually do the work.

00:11:31 Anthony Beasley

And get it over with versus.

00:11:33 Anthony Beasley

Dealing with some of the slowness that you have or some issues you have, we're trying to do this type of thing on over web apps or things of that nature.

00:11:41 Shawn Peoples

Yes, and and it's some people and I know that working like family law and and.

00:11:41 Shawn Peoples

00:11:41 Shawn Peoples

00:11:47 Shawn Peoples

That are real estate and real estate law. They like using the web apps and the web apps and perfect law work integrates seamlessly with the APIs which are the interfaces that work with the solutions you work with every day. Exchange in 365 word Excel. So if you're opening documents.

00:12:07 Shawn Peoples

Those document libraries that you use in a word and excel will be linked directly to what you do inside of Perfectl also.

00:12:18 Shawn Peoples

It it the the most important thing, I think with people now especially working remotely and being like access your file at a mediation out of you know you're traveling, you're at a.

00:12:23 Anthony Beasley

00:12:30 Shawn Peoples

Yeah, another you, you're working with another law firm. If you Co counsel on some case and you wanted to share about the most important part is you know the integration and allowing these thinking these processes to happen. SharePoint will allow you to do that with inside the Web app and already remote desktop.

00:12:50 Shawn Peoples

With a perfect law also.

00:12:54 Shawn Peoples

You can also share and give permissions to outside people to access these files and it leaves a compliant trail, so working with both of these app processes with RDS and using the web app it just.

00:13:09 Shawn Peoples

It depends on your organizational needs, but both of them can work seamlessly every day in your everyday tasks. Working in the office and working remotely.

00:13:22 Anthony Beasley

OK, now security is always real big and then we you know you spend a lot of time talking so far about security.

00:13:28 Anthony Beasley

Being you know when we're talking even to our own clients and you know people want to know.

00:13:36 Anthony Beasley

The cloud and security, especially with all the ransomware attacks and things that people endure day-to-day, you know, we leverage the power of what Microsoft is your offers.

00:13:46 Anthony Beasley

I mean, I think probably one of the most compelling things that I have personally seen in the last few months is here recently. Of course, with the the last thing before one of the last ransomware.

00:13:56 Anthony Beasley

PAX was Microsoft, was able to say, hey.

00:13:58 Anthony Beasley

You know, these particular companies are vulnerable because they did an audit and they made it known to the federal government that.

00:14:05 Anthony Beasley

Hey, here's some problems here. Some issues, but you're you know directly from working with Microsoft Azure. Some of the fantastic tools that they have. We always talk about system center. What can be done? Could you tell?

00:14:18 Anthony Beasley

You know the folks from a security standpoint, just being, you know, not not just perfect, because obviously perfect law has some security driven things built in in it as well, and we work with Active Directory in other ways so that.

00:14:32 Anthony Beasley

We can secure other information, for instance documents and other things, but just from a security aspect and your knowledge you know what would you say to someone from that side of making a decision on looking at software when it as it relates to security.

00:14:47 Shawn Peoples

Yeah, so in regards to what you're saying with inside of Microsoft and the three you know, using your 365 applications and cloud based applications.

00:14:58 Shawn Peoples

It does provide a security system, advanced security, threat protection and endpoint security, which you can I absolutely link to all your computers or part of your organization and remotely manage these computers so you know they're compliant real time.

00:15:17 Shawn Peoples

You're getting updates. Also, you can track when they're getting.

00:15:20 Shawn Peoples

Come if anything is attacking one of them or or somebody in your environment, they'll let the administrator know that, hey, this person is getting attacked.

00:15:29 Shawn Peoples

It will do procedures to help lock down that machine, so malware or anything of those sorts they're trying to. If they're trying to get through, they'll try to lock those machines down.

00:15:40 Shawn Peoples

And I've seen it happen with some of my clients recently where people have used their own personal, you know, work email as.

00:15:48 Shawn Peoples

Uh, it's their personal email to get wine Flyers and Flyers from Macy's and department stores, where which you can't be doing anyways, but they were getting Flyers and they were getting fake ones and one of the users clicked on a fake one on their remote computer and it locked it down. So and it alerted.

00:16:08 Shawn Peoples

He and our support my support staff at like 8:00 o'clock at night 8:30 at night to let us know hey this person, you know compromised and everything she already knew she was compromised 'cause computer locked her down.

00:16:23 Shawn Peoples

So it does something you know it's the security and features that you need in the cloud.

00:16:29 Shawn Peoples

And to provide to your PC's so you could have real time control even for users if you're working out of Miami and you had staff in Denver, you will have real time control just like they were sitting, right?

00:16:41 Shawn Peoples

Next to you.

00:16:42 Shawn Peoples

OK, OK so.

00:16:43 Anthony Beasley

That's you know that's and that's I think that's one of the things that people fear about the cloud is, you know, you get entities that are far apart.

00:16:50 Anthony Beasley

And it's you know they.

00:16:52 Anthony Beasley

Are always concerned that it's far apart.

00:16:54 Anthony Beasley

But it's nice to know that you have something where it you have that closeness. Still, no matter how far apart, Yep.

00:17:01 Shawn Peoples

00:17:01 Shawn Peoples

00:17:02 Shawn Peoples

Yep, absolutely. So you always have that comfort that you know you're getting protected in real time. I mean, I have one organization I deal with. They're based in Florida and they have offices in Arizona and California.

00:17:15 Shawn Peoples

But they maintain their users data and.

00:17:19 Shawn Peoples

Control of our PC's through Azure and they know person logs in. They know what time they logged in.

00:17:25 Shawn Peoples

They know what IP they logged in and also with inside the file structure you are going to use if they're linking up users working on local documents and they're through a SharePoint directory, you can actually control.

00:17:37 Anthony Beasley

Huh you?

00:17:37 Anthony Beasley

00:17:40 Shawn Peoples

See, you know you could see what time the person logged in. You can see when the person you access the file modify the file you have that full control and I've had a firm who has, you know, wanted to senior partners need.

00:17:49 Anthony Beasley


00:17:55 Shawn Peoples

Went back and reviewed a document from last October. I remember this happened a few months ago. He went back and looked at like 346 different revisions.

00:18:05 Shawn Peoples

He went back 306 provisions just to go see where where this change was made or like, say October 17. He went to that day.

00:18:15 Shawn Peoples

He pulled that version down to see what was done that day, and then he imported it right back into that same bolt file structure so it stayed in that revision copy so it keeps revisions as long as it can come. As long as you said most multiple time, most people set revisions for six.

00:18:32 Shawn Peoples

Most I have people who said it too when their storage capacity gets to the end and and those people.

00:18:40 Shawn Peoples

Some of those people have come storage capacities that reach 4 or 4 terabytes, and now there's A at 8 terabytes.

00:18:47 Shawn Peoples

They keep growing and growing, and so that's the most important part. You know where you know you they want to see those revisions. You want to be.

00:18:54 Shawn Peoples

Right, you know you want to be, you know, have checks and balances. If you're concerned you have associates or junior partners or interns doing things they should, you know you just want to make sure.

00:19:04 Shawn Peoples

They're doing it right, right?

00:19:06 Anthony Beasley

And so that's you know, that's one of the things that we always highlight too is people you know the the old I was working. I lost my document. I was working and.

00:19:14 Anthony Beasley

You know I got this happened and I have to go back to a particular point in time and actually pull up a document or something from that moment.

00:19:22 Anthony Beasley

And you know the old traditional way would be run it from the back up, you know go back to before you had a problem and and run it from the back up something like Microsoft Azure and System Center gives you so much more power to be able to do some.

00:19:34 Shawn Peoples

Of the things you just talked about absolutely now now, the way you do it is just you. You right click the file and go to version.

00:19:42 Shawn Peoples

History and you check the version history and it'll bring up the version history. And I mean you can do this right out of your File Explorer if you're actually linked to your Windows desktop and not Windows home Windows Home Pro and Enterprise.

00:19:49 Anthony Beasley

00:19:58 Shawn Peoples

This version you have to have on your computer, but if it's set up properly you can just go and check the version.

00:20:04 Shawn Peoples

I'll give you the version history, huh? You can open it or you can pull the perk if you want to pull a version from the days of 16th, you want to pull it from May 16th. Go pull the one from May 16th. It'll pull that version down. It won't overwrite.


00:20:18 Shawn Peoples

The current version you have, it'll just pull it down and then you'll save it back in there. That'll be #1 and the 1 from 225.

00:20:26 Shawn Peoples

Say June 16th will be.

00:20:29 Shawn Peoples

The second one and all the social divisions, and you can those revision. I mean the current versions can be seen with inside a perfect law with the integration right?

00:20:29 Shawn Peoples

The second one and all the social divisions, and you can those revision. I mean the current versions can be seen with inside a perfect law with the integration.

00:20:30 Anthony Beasley


00:20:40 Anthony Beasley

Right, and I think that's you know that's a very key thing. Now you know it's it's always great to have a great business part and I know we talked about working together, doing some things because obviously for someone in your role, you know the goal is the clients happen and always, always say to people you always have to be sure.

00:20:59 Anthony Beasley

00:20:59 Anthony Beasley

00:21:00 Anthony Beasley

The client is being serviced and one of the things I can honestly say in working with you over the years we worked together. You know, we've had a great working relationship.

00:21:09 Anthony Beasley

We tend to go being the type of company we are. You know, as an ESOP. Not you know, we don't have a lot of huge business partners around us, and typically it's people at your level that we consider our business partners more than anyone else. Just because we we, we kind of have informal relationships with with.

00:21:30 Anthony Beasley

Folks, because when you have hundreds of law firms that are all over the United States, the Caribbean, Hawaii, Alaska.

00:21:36 Anthony Beasley

Yeah, you can't tie yourself to one person or one group. If you want to service the client. But from your standpoint you know how has the service has it been.

00:21:45 Anthony Beasley

You know, in in your mind as it relates to what you see on a day to day basis. When it comes with working with with perfect law.

00:21:52 Shawn Peoples

I've been working with perfectl all looking at my calendar nine years so.

00:21:59 Shawn Peoples

And the the way their relationship started was my lawyer.

00:22:04 Shawn Peoples

I'm his IT consultant and he wanted to branch off and he started his own firm and and he picked perfect laws.

00:22:13 Shawn Peoples

His solution and I currently run down his perfect law, is set up a little different than most people. He has his running internally, he he wanted. He wanted a a physical.

00:22:24 Shawn Peoples

00:22:25 Shawn Peoples

Like we go back to the beginning, we talked about having a.

00:22:30 Shawn Peoples

Uh, data center environment. He is actually hosted in, uh, one of the more prominent data center environments in the country, and he has a physical server.

00:22:41 Shawn Peoples

He has a virtual server running there running his perfect law and he has no issues with it. He loves running it he.

00:22:50 Shawn Peoples

He has somebody doing his dealing work for him. He actually does it the past two years. He hasn't replaced her. He's been doing it himself because he does it right out of his perfect loss so.

00:23:02 Shawn Peoples

Software in a in a map and everything else also, uhm.

00:23:09 Shawn Peoples

The main two people I really deal with then I have quite a few customers who do on perfect law, but I have another law firm who does RDS through perfect law and he has some users who are some some associates who are not windows friendly people. They won't match, they work off their Max.

00:23:28 Shawn Peoples

And now we're aiming to move down. We're moving them to the web apps. They're already set up in SharePoint and and using 365 solutions, and their machines are already up.

00:23:39 Shawn Peoples

Uhm, they moved from a physical server they had from the beginning of this firm in 1990s. You know, from their first server environment from 96 they moved to two server 2000 and 2008 to 2012. Now their virtual and now all of their stuff is in Azure and their Azure is in hybrid.

00:24:00 Shawn Peoples

So it's a hybrid between.

00:24:01 Shawn Peoples

In perf laws, RDS and Microsoft Azure Cloud so that the two Azure you know the Azure that on PERF law is built is partial mainly you also see.

00:24:15 Anthony Beasley

Right, right?

00:24:16 Shawn Peoples

It's all Azure environment that y'all have combined to y'all data center and we combine the two of them together and and that's how they work off their resources.

00:24:25 Shawn Peoples

So the people who have Apple devices and the people who work off their Windows PC's work, you know they weren't very smooth. You know he has a couple of associates who.

00:24:38 Shawn Peoples

Live towards the beaches and and some people working towards town and they work from they work from home and the the guys.

00:24:47 Shawn Peoples

Some guys work from home, some guys work from some of the ladies and guys work from the office and it's it's no downtown or no latency to what they're doing 'cause it's real time. You know all the integration.

00:24:58 Shawn Peoples

Between the Azure environment and their environment, they don't work in on their Macs and PC's, it's very smooth.

00:25:06 Anthony Beasley

Right, well, that's a good thing. I mean we we of course we have our own data center. We we have a small number of clients that we've supported from all in data, so our own setup that we have that it is a certified Microsoft data center.

00:25:16 Anthony Beasley

Set up and then we have a course clients that are running directly from Azure and I think that's one of the things that we kind of.

00:25:23 Anthony Beasley

We pop a column on from time to time because we know as a software provider you know you may get a IT company. That's a partner with a software provider, but as a software provider to be able to do that, that just kind of speaks volumes it. But then again, when you have people like.

00:25:36 Anthony Beasley

You're working with the.

00:25:37 Anthony Beasley

Client, it makes it even better and it makes it easier for us because at least we have someone who's knowledgeable who understands what our philosophy is, what we're doing, and the client wins on both sides when you have that absolutely so you know.

00:25:51 Anthony Beasley

So we're going to wrap up, but it you know we want to thank you Sean, for the time you've given us. Hopefully as as people.

00:25:57 Anthony Beasley

You know 'cause we are getting.

00:25:59 Anthony Beasley

The COVID situation has brought to light modern.

00:26:04 Anthony Beasley

Modern, you know computing and software needs for the law firm and having to work remotely and all those things that some people from time to time have thought about but now has become so prevalent or being flexible. So we're seeing a lot more.

00:26:18 Shawn Peoples

So true.

00:26:23 Anthony Beasley

People coming in cloud is a is a very important part of things and having someone to give someone advice about as they look what to consider is always a good thing.

00:26:33 Anthony Beasley

So we definitely appreciate your knowledge. We hope to share more and more with you in the near future.

00:26:40 Anthony Beasley

If, uh, you know, if anytime someone wants to reach you, of course your your company is is a student network technologies.

00:26:46 Anthony Beasley

That's correct, out of Jacksonville, FL, and you know they can always reach out to me if they would love to talk to you directly. But again, we we appreciate the part.

00:26:55 Anthony Beasley

We ship we appreciate your knowledge and we definitely will be talking to you more and more as a few in the future. As time goes on.

00:27:03 Shawn Peoples

I appreciate you having me.

00:27:05 Anthony Beasley

Alright, thanks for your time alright.