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3D Workflow®

Docket Driven Documents (3D) Workflow made easy

3D Workflow combines docketing with Imaging, Document Assembly, and Report Writing to automatically schedule, create, profile and save all types of documents into PerfectLaw Document Management System in 1-Step process. Once saved, the same 1-Step workflow automatically routes the documents to recipients in pdf, tiff and other formats. 

Suppose a firm receives an office action from the patent office and the firm's docketing department runs the appropriate rule to track the document’s receipt by mail and to docket the subsequent tasks and deadlines required to respond. 3D workflow docketing can then automatically print an imaging coversheet and routing slip because the Docketing System knows everything, such as how and where the hardcopy document should be saved and who should receive it by email.

The coversheet is then placed on top of the document received and run through any scanner or digital copier. The server-side PerfectLaw Imaging Program then reads the coversheet and saves the imaged document as a .PDF or .TIF to the PerfectLaw Document Management System (DMS) and routes it by email to predefined parties and contacts.  The entire process is done in one PerfectLaw step via running the docketing rule (this does not count the mail room clerk who runs the document through the digital copier or scanner).

3D can in fact "one-step image and route" all types of documents such as patent drawings, signed fee agreements, demand letters, etc. while saving them to PerfectLaw's DMS because 3D workflow rules not only contain docketing rules but other business rules for document management and routing rules as well.

Next suppose a PerfectLaw rule for opening a file was run by the billing department or a secretary. This rule might docket a task to send a thank you letter to the client and/or a deadline to send a motion to dismiss or for summary judgment to the court and apposing counsel. 

To do everything in one-step, the user simply right-clicks the task or deadline in the matter or attorney calendar screen and selects CREATE, SAVE & ROUTE.  3D workflow does the rest because it can then automatically assemble, save and route the letter or motion since, PerfectLaw docketing and business rules define everything regarding the document processing, i.e. the What, How and Where for the assembled document. The entire process was done in one PerfectLaw step via selecting the CREATE, SAVE & ROUTE associated with the docketed task or deadline (not including physically mailing a printed document).

Finally, suppose a PerfectLaw rule created a docketed task or deadline to run and route a conflict or status report that appears in a PerfectLaw matter or user calendar screen.  Again, all the user does is right-click the task or deadline in the calendar or task list screen and chooses CREATE, SAVE & ROUTE.