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OWR Processing

Use the latest technology to identify text in both TIF and PDF files

The time you'll save using OWR conversion technology is apparent from the first keyword you enter. Using designated parameters, the software sifts through your entire database of information— and returns with a high-quality image of the original document.

Time isn't the only potential savings you'll find. The OWR conversion process costs far less than most traditional archiving or information retrieval methods. (In fact, digitizing a page using the searchable OWR conversion process costs about as much as photocopying it.) Plus, OWR images require no maintenance or re-filling, are immediately accessible, and can offer your organization a tremendous return on investment.

As a high-quality scan of the original document, an image processed via OWR offers a better point of reference in your research. You can access surrounding information like photos and incidental data, plus see a true representative of signatures, typography, and other unique characteristics.

We use a highly accurate and patented OWR software which consistently produces higher accuracy results when compared to the "off the shelf" OWR engines. Users can search archived documents with either a simple search, using keywords or an advanced search using headlines, bylines, pages, truncated words, and other user defined customized fields.