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Video-Based Online Training

Custom tailored courses that allow you to learn online, at your own pace

Virtual Classrooms, also known as VC, that host multimedia video documents, video-conferencing, and online training with internet delivery and support, have revolutionized software courses the same way Google, Westlaw and Lexis have changed brick and mortar law libraries.

Online training using VC has been proven to help overcome a well known, widespread training challenge – that of lecturing to the "middle" of a class, or teaching a group of individuals with varying backgrounds the same material at the same pace. Up to now, it has never really been successful. As advanced trainees and fast learners get bored, tune out and play solitaire, laggards get lost and also tune out, and pretty soon half the class isn't focused or paying attention. Bill Gates, whose foundation has invested millions in computer assisted instruction, CAI, argues that education can be truly customized, where each student gets individualized help when needed without waiting for the instructor’s office hours.

PerfectLaw® trainees can now login to their VC and communicate with trainers/learning coaches using the latest telecommunications technologies either real time (via e-mail, chat or even face-to-face with WebEx or Skype) or at their own pace (via multimedia video based documents). This training method provides a higher value, higher quality proposition than brick and mortar classrooms.

The expectation for anybody using PerfectLaw® training online is that once they complete any course, daily tasks will be easier, faster, and more accurate thereby creating efficiency and greater production.


  • Higher quality learning
  • Lower cost – no need to travel
  • Video Lectures are presented by experts
  • Less knowledgeable students get surgically targeted guidance, while advanced students can rocket ahead
  • Trainees have opportunities for immediate trainer feedback and input while logged into a live class, just as they would in a traditional classroom
  • Online question/answer and help counseling ensures progress in learning and retention of material
  • Learning is self-paced and can be done at home or during slow times at work; as an extra benefit, courses can even be viewed via your iPhone or iPad
  • Assignments are reviewed and evaluated during live question/answer and problem solving sessions
  • Optional confidential report cards are available on-line or can be distributed by e-mail


  • Courses are tailored to individual needs as defined by a questionnaire that matches topics with the trainee’s job requirements, aptitude and experience
  • Video-based courses are very much like brick and mortar courses, except they use videos with a lecturer speaking and use PowerPoint slides or online examples for illustration
  • Streaming videos use Adobe® Flash and YouTube type technologies
  • Live instruction online is done using WebEx which allows participants to interact and collaborate with each other in a sociable setting, in contrast to websites where viewers are limited to passively watching content that was created for them. Trainers are available to provide any assistance or comments that may be needed during the live session
  • Virtual Classroom logins are assigned to each trainee and provide access to PerfectLaw® software and the training database
  • Trainees and Trainers can browse the multi-media learning center via PerfectLaw’s interactive Computer Assisted Instruction engine
  • Trainees can access and communicate with instructors and course administrators, as well as other students anytime during normal working hours via phone, e-mail, chat, WebEx or Skype
  • Trainees can also attend live classes, question/answer or breakout sessions via WebEx
  • Online study groups can be pre-arranged using the VC