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Front Office Add-Ons

Take a look at each of the features offered, and then give us a call. We can help you tailor a case management system to fit your firm's specific needs.

PerfectLaw's All-in-One® technology gives you a full-featured front office system that is completely integrated with all back office functions in a single database so that real-time billing and financial information is also available to front office users at all times.

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(11+ users)
Add-On Features
Paperless WorkflowRoute documents after scanning, secure document images with read/write permissions before scanning begins and automate notifications of document scan errors PDF Brochure
OWR Processing (OCR)Allows you to use the latest technology, Optical Word Recognition (OWR), to identify text in both TIF and PDF files.  
Document ArchivePerfectLaw® DMS Archive utility automates both the archive and restore of documents and document profiles via age and date-based formulas to improve both the speed and storage management. PDF Brochure
Exchange Profiler Service (EPS)Application which processes messages in a designated public folder; The EPS program reads the subject line and saves and profiles each received message into the specified client/matter; Subject line is used as the document name for the profile  
Outlook Add-ins for Appointments & ContactsLook up and add PerfectLaw matter codes to Outlook appointments and tasks PDF Brochure
PLSync (Outlook/Exchange)Events (appointments, tasks, and due dates) and contacts are seamlessly synchronized between Outlook and PerfectLaw®; Client, matter and activity codes can be validated from Outlook or mobile devices PDF Brochure
3D Workflow®Combines docketing with Imaging, Document Assembly and Report Writing; Automatically schedule, create, profile and save all types of documents into the DMS in one step; Automatically route documents to recipients in PDF, TIFF and other formats; Use docketing and business rules to automatically image and route documents  
Full Text SearchFind documents easily by searching the content of the document versus just the name. Use full text commands like and, or, not, and wildcards to further narrow down your search and never lose a document again. Works with popular document types like doc, pdf, xls and more.    
Matter Intake WorkflowMove intake forms instantly between support staff, conflicts, approving attorneys, records management and billing, without any paper handling or email     PDF Brochure
Records Management (Barcode Scanning)Create file folder labels one folder at a time or in a set, quickly check in or out with or without the use of a barcode scanner, use trail reports to track users that make entries into the system.     PDF Brochure
Records Management (Hierarchy Support)Manage boxes, folder and insert items in a hierarchy, print labels with or without barcodes with client name, matter name, folder name, area of law, responsible attorney, filing or opening date, or any other matter or folder arrtribute desired.     PDF Brochure
Screen PainterCreate and maintain your own practice area-specific tables and screens; Allows you to automatically adjust the layout of fields to create a cleaner, finished product; Customized data can be searched and reports can be generated using PerfectLaw's Data Browser intelligence engine