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Melli Law, S.C. Streamlines Its Office Software Technology into an All-in-One® System

February 2009 – Melli Law, S.C. based in Madison, WI, recently installed PerfectLaw® Software for practice and financial management. After evaluating their internal applications, the firm realized its time and billing program was outdated and did not work well with the other two applications currently in place at the firm. There were several factors that ultimately led to the firm’s decision to select PerfectLaw®. PerfectLaw® provided the updated application and resources the firm initially sought. This, accompanied by the ease of use, intuitive interface, and workflow added to the benefits offered. However, Melli Law’s firm administrator, Tracey Reams, CLM, found PerfectLaw’s All-in-One® database to be the most critical factor. Rather than use three programs for their law firm workflow, all steps could be accomplished with PerfectLaw’s single application using one database for both their financial and case management needs with information entered once and readily available to everyone within the firm.

With Reams leading the implementation team for firm requirements, a PerfectLaw® installation team was assembled with designated team members assigned to case management areas (front office), accounting and financial management areas (back office), and conversion. According to Reams, “I was very impressed at the ‘well-oiled machine’ as we prepared for the conversion, as the data was actually converted, and then by the pre-training, installation, onsite training and follow-up support.”

Since implementing PerfectLaw®, the firm immediately took advantage of workflow improvements and productivity increases. The firm found the All-in-One® approach both improved communication and efficiency. The shared information, such as profiled client emails, was now easily accessible to all attorneys working on a case. Additionally, attorneys have found it convenient to enter their time as each task is completed and posting their time on a weekly basis. With the new ease of time entry linked to scheduled events, the firm is convinced they are capturing time that may have previously been lost.

Locating documents has become easier as well. With PerfectLaw’s Full Text Search feature, documents can be located easily even if the client/matter information is unknown. The standard reports library was useful in providing requested information quickly and easily. And with the implementation of the Back Office accounting system, workflow has been streamlined and many steps automated that were once time consuming in a three system environment.

About Melli Law, S.C.
Melli Law, S.C., based in Madison, Wisconsin, represents clients statewide in management-side labor and employment law, and has also established practice in the areas of construction, litigation, business, real estate, estate planning and school law. Melli Law recently celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2008, the same year the firm was named "Best Employment Law Firm" by The Best Lawyers in America.

About PerfectLaw® Software
PerfectLaw®, a leader in the All-in-One® office automation marketplace, combines matter, contact, and document management in the Front Office with full-featured Back Office billing and accounting. PerfectLaw® is a true 32-bit SQL software product that provides the latest innovations to law firms and legal departments nationwide. It is the only fully integrated suite that doesn’t require integration with other products for front and back office operations. For more information, please contact our Sales Department.