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PerfectLaw® Software Announces the Release of PerfectLaw® PLMobile™/Time

Miami, October, 2008 – PerfectLaw® Software releases PerfectLaw® PLMobile™/Time, a browser-based ActiveX application providing users with the ability to work online and offline with the PerfectLaw® Time & Billing system.

PerfectLaw® PLMobile™/Time lets users working remotely to enter and/or edit time slips via the web. But unlike other web-based products, PLMobile™/Time also allows users to work and enter time offline when not connected to the web. These time transactions are then automatically synchronized with PerfectLaw® Time & Billing the next time the user connects to their office online. PLMobile™ gives you high speed and full functionality even while on an airplane and can be used on any workstation, laptop, or desktop.

The PLMobile™ Server software runs on the firm’s Windows Server and executes all required data processing requests received from or sent to each user’s browser-based PLMobile™ web page. The PLMobile™ Client can be utilized in three different ways: (1) online in a remotely connected computer, (2) online in a computer on a local area network or (3) offline as an independent non-connected workstation.

About PerfectLaw® Software
PerfectLaw®, a leader in the All-in-One® office automation marketplace, combines matter, contact, and document management in the Front Office with full-featured Back Office billing and accounting. PerfectLaw® is a true 32-bit SQL software product that provides the latest innovations to law firms and legal departments nationwide. It is the only fully integrated suite that doesn’t require integration with other products for front and back office operations. For more information, please contact our Sales Department.

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