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PerfectLaw® Software Announces the First Component Release of Back Office 2008

Miami, April, 2008 – PerfectLaw® Software, developed by Executive Data Systems, Inc., has announced the release of its first component of Back Office 2008. 

PerfectLaw® Back Office 2008 offers users a streamlined interface for bill processing and cash receipts.  With Back Office 2008, users no longer need to open several windows for these types of transactions.  Rather, all bill processing information and transactions are contained in one window for easy reference and editing.  Cash receipts transaction processing has also been updated to offer the same benefit to users.  Both of these changes to the Time & Billing portion of PerfectLaw® are the first step in a complete redesign of PerfectLaw Back Office applications.

About PerfectLaw® Software
PerfectLaw®, a leader in the All-in-One® office automation marketplace, combines matter, contact, and document management in the Front Office with full-featured Back Office billing and accounting.   PerfectLaw® is a true 32-bit SQL software product that provides the latest innovations to law firms and legal departments nationwide.  PerfectLaw® offers wireless connectivity, and collaborative case information (peer-to-peer) technology.   It is the only fully integrated suite that doesn’t require integration with other products for front and back office operations.  For more information, visit