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Technologically Advanced IP Firm Signs with PerfectLaw

November 2010 – The law firm of Zarian Midgley & Johnson, PLLC, of Boise, ID, has purchased PerfectLaw® All-in-One® Software to for its IP case and financial management needs. PerfectLaw® will be replacing the firm's legacy billing and accounting software as well as adding a full featured IP case management system. And, with Perfect Law's Patent and Trademark modules, the firm will immediately benefit from advanced docketing and document management for US, international and national applications.

About Zarian Midgley & Johnson, PLLC
ZARIAN MIDGLEY is a boutique law firm specializing in intellectual property (especially patent law), intellectual property litigation, and complex business litigation. Their practice foundation is based on a commitment to excellence and delivering outstanding service and exceptional value to their clients.

About PerfectLaw® Software
PerfectLaw has been the leading legal software for almost 30 years by offering a true 32-bit SQL product and the latest technologies. By combining case, contact, and document management in the Front Office with time and financial management in the Back Office, PerfectLaw's® All-in-One® Software provides law firms with the necessary tools to streamline most law office functions without requiring integration from other products. For more information, please contact our sales department.