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Cloud Bandwidth Requirements

PerfectLaw SaaS uses Microsoft web service technologies.  As a result, for quality service your internet connection is a most important component.

The metrics associated with the following requirements must be measured accurately to insure quality service. One way to measure is via the PerfectLaw performance test used to determine the true speed and latency of your internet connections.

The test calculates the metrics required by transferring documents over your web connections and measuring actual transfer times.  Please contact PerfectLaw for further information.



  • Requirement: 100-200 Mbit (Upload & Download)
  • 10 MB effective for firms with less than 50 users.
  • 20 MB effective for firms with more than 50 users.

Because every user or device is sharing bandwidth, you must dedicate enough bandwidth to PerfectLaw SaaS services during peak periods, else you may experience sub optimal performance.



  • Requirement: <70ms

The average time it takes packets to travel from your firm to PerfectLaw SaaS and back. Many people, including internet service providers (ISP), only publish best case bandwidth when evaluating internet speeds. However, that is only part of the picture. Bandwidth only shows how much internet traffic can be pushed through; where latency shows how fast that traffic arrives at its destination.

Packet Loss

  • Requirement: <0.1%

The percentage of packets lost while traveling the web must be almost zero else effective bandwidth may be small fraction of what is published or what is measured by simple internet speed tests. Even a 0.1% packet drop can radically internets speeds.